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Castle of the Insect King

rated 3.37 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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May 3, 2012 | 2:18 AM EDT

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Fear and Loathing 10 Points Hallucinate
Swampgas Shotgun 10 Points Acquire the Swampgas Shotgun
King of the Castle 25 Points Beat the game.
Astral Traveler Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

WASD- Move
Mouse/Arrow Keys - Shoot
E - Interact
Q - Switch Weapon
Space - Inventory
M - Mute

The Captain voyages to an alien swamp in search of another of Laserbeard's treasures. The treasure is hidden in the dungeon of an ancient castle. The castle once belonged to the The Insect King, a fearsome conqueror from ancient times. You must delve into the history of the castle and battle the insectoid population of the planet in order to recover the treasure.

An episode of the Tales of the Renegade Sector series. Find more episodes here: /games/

Portal owners can download a version to put on their site here: http://flashgamedistribut e-Insect-King



Rated 4 / 5 stars

A decent little game. I thought that the enemies, while quite easy, did wear you down after awhile. If you explored the wrong spot and it took *forever* to backtrack you also remembered how you had to kill 20 bugs. The way the weapons are set up allow for these easy enemies to still present a challenge as you don't want to always waste your ammo, and it takes forever to kill them with the shotgun. Good design there.

The levels look interesting; the biggest problem I'd agree are unintuitive controls for the menu, switching weapons and similar. Try to stick to standard practice such as:
-Use a mouse for menus. It's easy, I'm already using the mouse, it doesn't take thought
-Use numbers for weapons. Q wasn't terrible, except that it's unintuitive and people *including me* don't always ready control schemes. They get the jist of it and start going and then partway through gotta frantically figure it out.

The level design was good. You didn't *feel* forced to check everything out, you just sort of had to. I hated the spiky disks. There was one that becomes undodgeable from one of the directions, which was a bit annoying to me. The rest were put in good locations and just annoying because they worked lol.

IMO, it might make more sense to tell the player (through a note or something) "Hey try collecting some plant specimens and check 'em out!" I was collecting rocks (or so I thought), darts, and plants and expecting to use them later, only to find when I was almost done that the plants can heal you. Who knew? :p

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome game!! needs upgrades though. all cool games need upgrade!(i love upgrades) anyways hey you, below me!!! that hint is nice for the smart people,(like me. i figured it out quickly) but for the dumb ones(and the ones who are too impatiant to find it!) they arn't going to figure it out as easily. so i will give you hint 2. but this is all you get from me!! you need to hallucinate to find it!! oh and the secret requires you at least bring a lot of ammo and the super gun you get from that guy. not really but if you don't have it then you will soon wish you did!! arn't i helpful??


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i say u a part of the secret eat mushrom where u find it and then u must go .....................................
....................server broken


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Now For A Proper Review (going strong since July 31, 2005):

Graphics: 8.5/10---Definitely has a NES or early PC feel to it which is a great backdrop for the eerie/exploratory combination you present in this work. Sort of a Alone In The Dark + Maniac Mansion sense of spooky.
Gameplay: 7.0/10---Taking a bit off of here because of the not so clear-cut menu and the initial difficulty of switching weapons. Ran out of ammo, switched to fist, and it wasn't a clear process to re-equip the gun once I got some ammo pickups. Enemies were decent in their design and difficulty.
Sound: 5.5/10---This is just my personal opinion but the high-pitched section of the music in the outside portion (after leaving building) gets a little hard on the ears after a bit. Maybe its intended as part of the uneasiness of the mood but I found it to be more annoying and repetitive than scary. An alternative that might've worked better would be random sounds like the crashing of a tree branch or a splash or something indicating that something's waiting out of sight. That randomness spread out every minute or so in the score would have worked much better I think.
Overall: 3.5/5---Definitely potential here and this is a series so there's plenty to chew on for the next entry provided there is one in the works.

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