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Bobs ridiculous adventure

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Bob goes on an adventure to get his sub back from a thief. This is only island 1.


screw the other 3, i think that you have worked hard n this game. i'm sure that they or me cant do a game like this even but still, you have worked hard so 4.5 for the effort. also, why should rat guy have a disneyland hat...?

rmbrstrongbad18 responds:

That didn't make any sense to me either, and thanks man, I appreciate it =D

This game is ugly, yes I think that that is the correct term, The general idea is good and even can make a very good publicity game if you could sell it to subway or any other company, the bad thing is that the graphics are ugly, I know that its intended to be comic but its only that the graphics don´t match the history. Also, there are some few good jokes but you need to work a little more on them and also convine them with the graphics, like the rat guy, you could make him wear some disneyland hat or give him a known face or something like that.

To start, your sprites are really badly done. They're comically bad, which could actually be a good thing if the rest of the game were done well. It's not, so there's that.

Every time you open dialogue with a character, it warps the main character back to the starting position on the map. This is annoying as hell.

If I attempt to enter a house, even just touching the house will put me inside. This makes controlling my character pretty difficult. Sometimes, when I hit tiles NEXT to the house, I'm warped inside anyway.

Lame art, poor controls, crap engine.

rmbrstrongbad18 responds:

Thanks for your input, I appreciate it

"Now with amazing graphics!" So, you're saying that drawing simple polygons and sticking a few together is "amazing graphics?" 1 star for minimal effort.

rmbrstrongbad18 responds:

haha it was a joke, thanks for playing though.

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2.75 / 5.00

May 3, 2012
12:24 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG