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The Colonists New Earth

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Dreams Create ideas, and humanity has had many ideas. However, war brings the technology to bring those dreams to life... and Humanity is very good at war.

2020: The Moon colonization project Begins

In 2065 a new age of war had begun, only 40 years after the Second American Revolution. The war was brought on the the US's rising economy and its new isolationist ideas. Also brought on by European Union corruption and its' new police state. China had begun invading several surrounding countries for resources. Unknown nuclear devices were simultaneously detonated around the world, and it sparked a 10 year war.

In 2075, the war finally ended, with the capture of Bejing against the combined military of the US and Russia. However, disease and radiation had left the world population severely crippled. The only good thing to come out of the war was a colony on Mars and improved space technology. As part of the 2nd space race. Population was urged to have as many children as possible.

2076: Trident Company starts as part of the Earth Recycle project, going around collecting resources from destroyed cities, and using them in new cities and selling them to governments for the new space fleet. Humanity began searching for and escape, to start fresh.

2079: British Scientists find a new planet: Sori -8C, being an Earth-like planet closer than Kepplar-22b.

2091: Construction on New Earth Fleet Begins. Thousands work on ships quickly creating the new ships, creating them big enough to carry a large population.

2143: Scientists in Sweden finalize Warp Drive, through vigorous, nonstop testing.

2154: Sori-8c Fleet launches, as well as smaller fleets destined for other non- earthlike planets, using an early version of warp drive. Many fleets never made it to their destination.

2208: New Earth Colony Lands on Sori-8c

2258: Communications with New Earth finally open.

2271: One of the Smaller fleets destined for Keplar-22b lands renaming it as Terra.

finally, in the Year 2272, with already 15 human controlled planets, humanity finally begins the true Space Era for mankind.

in the Year 2300, using improved warp speed technology, humanity has colonizes hundreds of other planets with small colonies, quickly growing in to larger city colonies in the next 100 years.

Humanity has dreamed of this day for centuries.

Fucking hate Swf files, the audio sounds horrible an i dont know how to fix it.
I'm not happy with the Pictures and the ships. Swf file makes things move a lot shittier for me, idk y. Ugh. Just not happy with the turnout.


Very nice work youve done here. Its is remeniscant of the startrek time line and thats why I like it so much. The animation served it purpose but nthing more. the Overall feel was great and im left wanting a sequal. If you do make a sequal, or a character driven "spinoff" I would love to help out any way I can with what ever comes next. Keep makeing naimations on this level and your work will be front paged in the near future!

Really cool story and I like how you included the whole timeline in te description.

Well it's certainly a decent flash and you shouldn't feel so dissatisified! I agree with you about swfs though, i've always had difficulty synching sounds and exporting things properly. You're art style is pretty nice and you have some decent frame by frame, though there is a real lack of actual animation is this. It almost becomes a slideshow! I also really dislike the use of photographs, it really detracts from the immersion and makes the art really dissonant and distracting. Find one style that works and stick to it, i think you have the art skills to draw everything and have it look great, but perhaps you just didn't have the time?
The concept was okay but i think the execution was very cliche. The music particular made me cringe, the song sounded far too similiar to the massively over used "Escape" by Craig Armstrong and whilst it certainly has an "epic" feel to it , it also undeniably has a commercial and sterile feel to it. To be honest i have dislike for soundtracks in general and feel that a good piece of work should conjure up strong emotions without resorting to telling the viewer how to feel with musical cues. The reaction scenes when the colony gets online where nice but i think it would have been more realistic to see a few people cheering, or atleast some other reaction than just mouth agape eyes wide. Is this a concept you are going to continue with? I think it could be very interesting.

Goeliath responds:

Probably should've explained more in the description. The colony project was practically a suicide mission, everyones mouth is open because they fleet was presumed dead after contact was lost. News came so sudden that nobody knew how to react.

Yes im doing animations with less epic music in them and more overall animation. The pictures were a new style i wanted to try out. Didn't like it. However, i wanted this timeline animation to get out.
Some of the pics were photoshopped which i personally like, but to a certain extent.

I really appreciate reviews like this though. It gives me a really good understanding of what other people feel on the animation.

This is a concept that i have been coming up with for a long time. I only recently started to animate it. The real animations will take place in the year 2773 when first contact is made with another sentinent species.

Awesome story, pretty good narrative, animation needs work, good job overall.

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May 2, 2012
11:00 PM EDT