Dungeon Breaker

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Update: For those of you wondering we actually saw a trailer for cut the rope and made a tribute game with similar game play. I tried to incorporate a lot of unique ideas so take a look and let me know what you think for yourselves.

A mysterious adventurer is trapped inside of a dungeon. Our hero needs only one thing to get free.The Key! Break the chain, collect coins and use the various items at your disposal to free the hero from the dungeon.

Author Comments: Hello Everyone and thanks a bunch for checking out the game. The hero in this game is based upon a hero in an upcoming full fledged Adventure/RPG that iconic games currently has in development. Dont forget to follow us on twitter or face book so you cant stay updated on it and our future games. Twitter and facebook links are in the game.


Game Design: Matt Vile "UknownXL"
Art & Animation: Matt Vile "UknownXL"
Game Programming By: Peter Achberger "Antriel"
Sounds & Music By: Andrei Tatu "KBishop"
Created By: Iconic Games


Excellent Game! It's very addicting and I like your ideas of adding mine carts, grappling hooks, aura chain thingies and a hero that looks a LOT like Toon Link! though it does have it's flaws. The physics can be a pain in the as* when the levels aren't thought out to well. also, the buttons on the grappling hooks are just too small. I keep missing the button so i can catch the key while it's falling. And, a storyline would've made the game more intriguing and fun. With a hero that withholds telekinetic powers to cut the chains in order to escape the dungeon would've been a better explanation. Although it's a near copy of Cut the Rope, it's an idea that would've been great if it had some minor tweaks to spark some excitement. Overall, it's a good game and addicting. I hope for a squeal!

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Cut the rope, with some different type of devices. The hero is dull and serves no purpose, I might as well be throwing the keys into a bucket. I don't like Cut the Rope, but played it because your name is Dungeon Breaker, which sounds like Breakout or Arcanoid. Bleh.

AKA cut the rope

UknownXL responds:

Yes its a tribute. Thanks for the feedback.

Iffy physics ruined it for me bro.

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Awesome. But why is the hero covered in bandages if he hasn't done a thing the entire time.

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UknownXL responds:

He is based off of a character in an RPG we are developing. Dont worry it does have some significance.

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3.57 / 5.00

May 2, 2012
4:29 PM EDT
Skill - Collect