Zombie Defense

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Fight alongside Vinny the Viking as he defends his castle against Grubber, the deranged zombie lord who is hellbent on stealing Vinny's hard-looted treasures.


Excellent game through and through. I loved the high amount of upgrades and unlockables, the long gameplay, the lack of repetitiveness, and the music. Nice job.

this game shows that someone just put it together in a day no real base theme and bad design if u read this i would suggest not playing it

The game is not bad, but there are a few things that need improvement. One is the time it takes to get the weapons. I have gotten to level 51 but it has taken me several hours with only failing about 5 times. Next is the special weapons seem to have a lack of constant power (meaning one level they are super strong the next they do almost nothing at all then the one after super strong again). Lastly is the weapons themselves.....they lack a growing level of power, I went from the AK to the Dynamite (both Maxed out) only to learn that the Dynamite is weaker than the AK and also does not have the push back option work. I died until I switched back to the AK.

It is an addicting game you just need to work out the power levels when you attack

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WTF there is a tank on level 9

this game is great. kinda repetitive, but i played for awhile just to get all the upgrades. gets too easy after the first gun.

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3.37 / 5.00

May 2, 2012
10:35 AM EDT
Strategy - Other