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101 10 Points

A 101 kills

Game on! 10 Points

Completed a challenge

All in a line 25 Points

Completed an entire challenge

Backdoor action 25 Points

Unlocked the rear weapon perk

Extra Life 25 Points

Unlocked the extra lives perk

Level Up 25 Points

Unlocked the increased XP perk

Nice and safe 25 Points

Unlocked the shield perk

Scratched paintwork 25 Points

Unlocked the increased Graze perk

The Overlook 25 Points

Triggered the Super RedRum power-up

Mission accomplished 50 Points

Completed the game

Return to sender 50 Points

Unlocked the homing missile perk

Bullet HaHaHa 100 Points

Reached Rank 30

Check you out 100 Points

All challenges complete

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

We've taken all the popular features from the original "casual" bullet hell DN8, the evolving power-ups, being able to select your own path, the random soundtrack and pushed them forward with the use of stage3D*.

Also new to this version are unlockable perks, along with more challenges than before.

Enjoy the destruction.

*The game defaults to 30fps to enable it to run on the widest majority of machines. If you've got a good graphics card please go to Options > Graphics and knock it up to 60.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to using stage3D ( ie GPU Acceleration ) this won't work on all machines. If it doesn't work on yours please accept our apologies in advance for your wasted time.

Hi-scores display
Perk bug fixed
If the GPU isn't compatible, software mode still allows you to play the game ( Although it won't be great ).

Medals should be fixed ( Sorry about that ).
Suicide kills no longer work on bosses ( Thanks everyone who pointed that out ).
Experimental fullscreen mode. It only allows mouse controls, and space to pause. This is more GPU heavy so in some cases performance may be reduced.

Minor tweaks.



A fairly fun game. It's more of a good time waster than anything since both hard and easy are quite to be honest, simple. I completed both sides and I had fun with this game though.

The cons with this game are obvious though.

-When engaging huge amounts of enemies, I think someone mentioned all the bullets they fired kind of made it very "hard" to even see your own ship, so avoiding is somewhat difficult, though I don't know if that was intended.
-I don't know if the difficulty determines this but I quite never understood as to how I die sometimes. On Hard, normally, the big bullets would just graze me, but than the smallest bullet would kill me. On Easy it was somewhat the same but even with full shield I somehow die.
-The perks weren't at all that beneficial. The only ones I really appreciated were 5 lifes, X2 and the Homing Missiles. Everything else was just not usable.

The pros
-Easy understanding of the game, a 4 year old can understand the concept.
-You showed us highlighted lines of where the enemies were too appear, so it help us prepare for the oncoming wave.
-Interesting model designs for all the spacecraft.
-Game got increasingly harder.
-Very colorful game and I loved the backgrounds and 3-D models, I think it was a nice touch.

Very good game, hope you have more interesting ideas for the future.

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Squize responds:

Thanks for the review.
I think with the perks they're a personal preference thing. The graze one I think helps a lot, the 5 lives is a no brainer ( With the first DN8 quite a few people suggested you should get all 3 lives back at the start of a level, but I'm not a fan of that, so the lives perk was me trying to find a happy medium between the two ). The homing missile I don't think is all that, it just looks pretty.

As for the dying, it's only the red spot at the centre which is hittable by bullets, so where there's a lot of on-screen action it's sometimes tricky to actually see what killed you.

Great review, thank you.

Authors take note! Great design abounds!

-You never had to choose a difficulty setting, but instead the game adapted to your style. "Gotta Blow Everything Up" high-score style players got the harder experiences, "Survivors" got the easier difficulty.
-Thoughtful design of enemies. Notice how the suicide bomber guys always threw off shots at the exact angles your ship's guns did?
-No tutorial, instead the tutorial was built into the upgrade order.

I'm just sad that my video card wasn't supported, so I couldn't play on high graphics--but the author even managed to do *that* right. Warning right off the bat telling you to lower the graphics settings. I'm just not clear on why anyone would want offensive drones over defensive drones... it looked to me like they did the same thing, except you got two defensive drones instead of one.

Still, great game! I didn't quite break a million points, but "I spanked that game!"

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Squize responds:

Glad you spanked it mate :)

Pity about your graphics card, apparently the new version of Flash will support more cards which will be good.
The defensive orbs are better than the drone, but grazing is harder with them as they're almost too good at what they do, so its swings and roundabouts.

Thanks for the kind words.

Redrum is murder spelled backwards btw.

Really fun, found it somewhat easy even on the "harder" path though, i think i died a total of 5 times, so havent bothered with the easy path. the large bullets you "graze" by going slightly under them, bosses you can 1 hit by suiciding.
overall a good use of an hour

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Squize responds:

Yep, the whole suicide to kill the bosses was a mistake :)
I've got to fix a couple of broken medals so I'll fix that too.


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Credits & Info

3.99 / 5.00

May 2, 2012
6:50 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed