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This is my very first animation, so go easy on me. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. There's a better version of it on my YouTube channel. Music and animation by me.

Thank you for all the feedback everyone. I found a program that would convert my more polished .wmv file back into an .swf so I've re-uploaded a better version of this.

I still have no idea how to add a loader or how to make it stop at the end instead of looping. If anyone can give me some advice on that, I'd really appreciate it.


is that tall rock a R.I.P?

I loved the colors in the animation
U shud make more animation with ur talent.
Gud luk for the future projects

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Nice. Very, very nice. Of course the animation is basic, and I agree with the comments on the pace. It takes really, really long to get there. But it made me watch to the end, in all its simplicity. Nice way of doing something with very little.

Keep em coming

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This is awesome for a first-timer!

As this being said, it could move on a little bit quicker in the beginning. You don't want to make impatient people start to get bored. That could easily result in bad scores. But don't listen to the score, listen to the message of the story and what YOU think. It's better to do what you want rather than to listen too much on what other people say.

Keep on going like this, it was awesome! Even the music was good, but it could also be improved.

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I cannot say that I have any room to judge as I have only recently branched into the digital arts, but over all I like the setting, the mood, and the expression of loss that we all inevitably experience in our lives. The only constructive criticism that I can make is the ending of the flash where it loops. Its abrupt, out of place, and jerks you out of the trance this animation puts you in. I would honestly fix that and upload it again, I bet your score would go up. Something as simple as a fade to black could make all the difference there.

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3.37 / 5.00

May 2, 2012
2:49 AM EDT