Luna's Treasure Hunt 2

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Luna-PrincessNinjato finds out right as she is leaving her kingdom to go treasure hunting her arch enemies the Acorn force has taken all of the kingdoms treasure and now Luna is going to get all the money and treasure back by force
*There was a small glitch that I had to fix and Re-Upload* the .swf to fix these issues that was not showing in the basic test mode*

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Love this game! You're a really creative person! Keep 'em coming!

PrincessNinjato responds:

Thank you very much and I'll make more

Cute, but it was ultimately ruined by a completely broken boss fight.

You have a decent solid game engine here and your drawings remind me of my comics I made when I was a kid. For your next game, take your time on the graphics, and make sure the game doesn't contain any game-breaking bugs. I got to the fight with princess deedee and couldn't play anymore because of this glitch: sometimes when you die the music will play again, making it so theres multiple songs playing at once. It eventually happened so much that the sound was reduced to a distorted mess, I ahd the volume muted, but for my computers sake I had to stop playing. All my other problems were addressed by ClassicJoe so yeah, thats all I have to say.

PrincessNinjato responds:

hmm thats odd I removed the music stcking on each other befroe hitting submit and I'll work on the graphics I'll keep this in mind and see these reviews not as hate but as ways to improve

Is this your first game ever?--------------------------------

I don't know were to begin with the problems of this game, the controls of the princess are pretty sensitive and wonky to begin,The shooting is what bothers me the most about the controls, it seems that the direction you last traveled in a couple miliseconds ago, is were you decide to shoot your things, also you can shoot through walls that you cannot travel through so you can just freak out at the beggining of every level and spam your ctrl key and mosey on through the area. Now as for the graphics of the game hey maybe thats your style or how you like to make your games, more power to you for doing it your way, however most of the gaming comunity likes stuff that doesn't look like it was slapped together in windows paintshop. The animatiosn are very crude and hard to understand it looks like the game might be having a glitching out error were the frames of the animation are freaking out, i suggest lowering the framerate for that certain animation. The music is alright just a tad repettive at times, now for the 1st boss, Well it looks like he's getting ready to cream all over the tree, the acorns come down in the most random ass fashion possible so beating the boss requires an extreme amount of luck and dexterity. After finally beating that boss you get to the water part. This part's alright aside from the wall shooting glitch. you get to the octopi and well it kinda has a pattern for attack but you can jsut go under them and shoot up at them when they move up and down making it pretty easy to beat. The NO Flying level has the same issues as the water one. You get to this acorn boss and holy shit suddenly you can't destroy theese little acorns that come flying out of a big ass poorly drawn machine in the most random ass fashion? Its a bit tricky to beat there, the last level with the flying in the acorn castle you can simple spam ctrl and mosey on through it. and I get to the DeeDee princess and i simply can't beat it there's no real way to target the princess and hit her spot on without having enough time to get out of the way of her acorns, i suggest lowering the speed they fly out at. Anyways I commend you for your effort and putting your work out there for others to view and criticize like myself.

My suggestions for your future projects?
-Make the artwork better( in general animation and background wise, lower thoose framerates a bit so we can see whats going on,)
-Clean up the glitches with your games before publishment
-By cleaning up the animations also clean up the collision area on the enemies and maybe add some life system? (100 neocrystals = 1 extra life?)
and finally, Keep putting your work out there because i did enjoy the storyline :3

PrincessNinjato responds:

Thank you and some issues I fixed in the project manger
but I'll update the artwork,
I'll keep an eye out for glitches
I will keep putting out games
I have to work around the system

I'll update on my page when a new game is coming

I thought it was pretty cool, but I just had one tiny problem (totally could just be me); sometimes my shots would go in down instead of forward.

PrincessNinjato responds:

thankyou, yeah the game system does that when you set shoot in the direction of the player and platforming unless you force the game to shoot in a direction, I tired to make it that you can shoot as you press up down left or right in the last game but it was kind of confusing but this is one of the kinks with the system but thank you for the review

Good game nice graphics

PrincessNinjato responds:

Thankyou very much These great reviews make me feel very happy

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2.04 / 5.00

May 2, 2012
1:26 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop