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Uberkid Invasion

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Find Darnell 5 Points

Find Darnell to join Pico in an Uberkid killing ramage

Find Nene 5 Points

Find Nene to join Pico in an Uberkid killing ramage

Uberkid 25 Ugh 5 Points

25 Uberkid Kills

Uberkid 50 Ugh 10 Points

50 Uberkid Kills

Uberkid Exploder Poof 10 Points

3 Uberkid Exploder Kills

Uberkid Shooters Gone 10 Points

2 Uberkid Shooters Kills

Uberkid Unicycle Wanged 10 Points

2 Uberkid Unicycle Boomerangers Kills

You Got Guns 10 Points

Help Pico find both Nene & Darnell so a serious gun-fight can begin

Uberkid 100 Ugh 25 Points

100 Uberkid Kills

Uberkid 300 Ugh 50 Points

300 Uberkid Kills

Author Comments

Update II: Medals done (finally)! Now slaughter those Uberkids for some just awards!:)

UPDATE: Lessened pico', the uberkids', and all else's speed (fps) down by 10 (for better game play; finally managed to grab a more powerful laptop than mine (1GB RAM) to test, and bam the original game's speed almost lost me... Apologies for the crazies... but not for the kooky inside!:)
Happy... er... belated Pico Day 2012 and b-day Tom; and congrats to the winners!

Well, this 31/2 days late submission was hindered by countless AS2-AS3-AS2-AS3 hiccups (I finally managed to weasel this "flash crashing" file to AS2).

So, here's my mini action-fighting-brawler attempt... All controlled with your mouse (click to attack and try to join Pico, Nene, and Darnell for some serious firepower)... Think "Love Letter" on 'roids, man (love that game, and definitely understand how they did it better).

Hey, and since no gaming goals are apparent, just lay waste to those crazy uberkid clones (just make sure none are hiding in your closet).

Feedback appreciated. More mini-games to come... Now back to my NATA 2012 sub.

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I generally try to get at least one medal in any game. This game was so poorly done it was hard for me to even do that. Well, I did manage to get one medal by rescuing Nene. Even the music is annoying. At least it's not too hard. Emphasis on "not too".

I also thought the designs were really cheap. There's just no reason to keep on playing. Well, I'm sure you can do better. Everyone must be talented in some way. Happy Pico Day 2012 I guess.

h2oOtter responds:

Thanks much Ericho (hopefully us creative folks are all trying to update themselves, and have fun doing it haha).

Ok, this game is weird. One time it kicked me out to a totally white screen with nothing else around. Sometimes I get guns when I pick Nene and Darnell, sometimes not. The "You got guns" sign successfully covers most of the screen for a longer moment. Most important: medals are rather working (sometimes the higher amount medal is being unlocked before the lower one), but their pop ups are weird. They always show 10 pts or even 0. You also cannot identify what medal did you just earn because of their weird titles displayed. They are always like "grid eh" or something like that.

h2oOtter responds:

Thanks for the in-depth player play #HerbieG (u deserve a medal man)!

hey another game with medals
finally some worthy of a challenge

Now For A Proper Review (A 7 Year Odyssey Of Flash Reviews Still Going Strong):

Disclaimer: Ratings are a bit generous b/c of Pico Day and the rush of getting an entry done in time.

Graphics: 6.5/10---Simplistically crude but effective for the game being presented i.e. a hack and slash just with a hammer of derp and not a sword of Doh!
Gameplay: 4.5/10---Again simplistically crude and not so effective. Bashing things is great and all but there's really no motive for it...no medals, points, coin, upgrades, goals, or anything else to make me want to spend time doing it. And with only 2 enemy types that I could see, with little clear difference in attacks and patterns, it just wasn't rewarding for very long.
Sound: 5.5/10---It wasn't annoying but it was repetitive and so while I could plod along to it I wasn't motivated by it. Again its just an engine with gas but with not a lot of forward momentum.
Overall: 2/5---There is a building block here for a very good game. More than one map, more enemy types, a reward system of some kind for kills, upgrades, weapon options or skill trees, and a couple of different music tracks (one for each map maybe) and this game could be a great one. Unfortunately it doesn't serve in that rank here.

h2oOtter responds:

Thanks djpraiseadelik. And especially thanks for your in-depth review. I definitely agree with all you mentioned (much was missing, since it's only a mini game (done over 31/2 days between NATA 2012 and Pico Day 2012). Future games (aside from mini games) will have more available (upgrades, rewards, challenges, maps, enemies, etc.). Keep the peace and much appreciation dude. Take care.

i argee with jxsan98. the game is not good but i will give it a 5 for trying

h2oOtter responds:

Thanks anthonysea.

Credits & Info

1.62 / 5.00

May 1, 2012
11:55 PM EDT