The Bear of Love

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Has anything changed? 5 Points

Finish the game

Make love, not war 5 Points

Don't kill anybody before finish the game

Save the trees 5 Points

Hug 10 lumberjacks until death!

That's mean 5 Points

Kill 30 people in one life

Gotta spend love to earn it 10 Points

Buy all the upgrades from the shop

Hobo Hugger 25 Points

Hug 10 hobos before finish the game, and don't kill anyone of them

Scouter? 50 Points

Finish the game with more than 9000 points without killing anyone

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

While in game:
Keyboard Arrows - Movement
Z - Hug
X - Open the shop
While in shop:
Keyboard Arrows - To choose shop items
Z - Buy
X - Close the shop
Other controls:
0 (Zero) - Mute the game
+ (Plus) - Volume Up
- (Minus) - Volume Down
Click outside the game - Pause


Spread love through hugs! You're a forest bear which carries a curse. Your oxygen comes from people's hug with you, problem is that you're still a bear and if you hug someone for too long, it'll be dead in no time. In order to break your curse and make the world a better place, hug the old corporate owner in the center of the city, who has no love in his heart at all.

This game was made during the Molyjam competition (Game Jam with 48 hours duration in which you should create a game based on one of Peter Molydeux's tweets, a parody of Peter Molyneux, for more info google 'Molyjam'). The tweet we choosed was: "You are a bear but for some reason your oxygen comes from hugging people. Problem is that hugging people breaks their bones."

We enjoyed the result, and decided to post it here. We hope you enjoy it too.


We still can't believe it! "Daily 4th Place", "Frontpage Featured Games of May" and thousands of views! This is a lot more then what we were expecting! Thank you very much, guys! :D

We don't pretend to change anything in the game, the intention here was to show what we've managed to create during the game jam. Though, in a last modification I've added some more instructions about volume control and how to pause the game, which already was possible before since it's a flixel default feature. Sorry, our bad, we forget about letting it clear.

Thanks for your comments, we've read them one by one. And again, we thank you all for playing.

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It reminded me of one of the new pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It's so cute!

It's fun and cutesy at first, but gets exhausting and boring when you start going after the medals.

I really hugged this game! I think there's nothing better to bear!

Its an OK game, could use more features.


Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

May 1, 2012
6:17 PM EDT
Strategy - Other