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An intense sci-fi themed shooter, featuring over 20 enemy types, epic boss fights, multiple stages, tons of upgrades, classic 16bit era pixel art, and rocking chip tunes!

Board your mech, and command your squad of mercenaries as the last line of defense against the perilous invaders.

Use your MOUSE to aim and fire.

Use the left and right ARROW Keys to or A/D Keys to cycle weapons. Switch directly to a weapon using the matching number key.

Use Up ARROW, W Key or R Key to manually reload. Weapons will automatically reload when the last round is fired.

The crosshair shows your weaponÃffffÃff'Ãf'Ã'¢EUT Ms shot radius and ammo.


Loved it! The limited currency provided an interesting element to the game since you had to be really careful with what you bought. I had to beat it without the last gun or the bombing run/space laser, which made the last boss a pain since only half the weapons will do any damage, but hey, the last boss is supposed to be a pain. I know it's modeled to behave like an older game, but checkpoints would be really appreciated :D. Another feature you might want to include in future games is rewards for people who have put in the time to beat your game. Perhaps unlock all the guns or give certain "cheats". All in all, it's a solid game and earned the score I gave. Good luck in the future!

Retromite responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game :) You're also right some sort of special unlock code would of been a really nice addition. Although we were also hoping people would want to play it through multiple times and try different configurations.

hmm you cant really get any of the cool looking weapons seeing how your forced to upgrade rocket launchers... ect just to be able to get by the level, really wish I could of tried the mars wind and laser bombard and that sythe thing! Maybe a last stand/survival mode?

Retromite responds:

I really do like the idea of a last stand/survival mode. If there is a sequel, its certainly something that I'd love to implement.

Also the game is really quite player skill based, with practice you can save a lot of cash, and make some really interesting purchases.

ABLE TO CONQUER WITH A BARRAGE OF UPGRADE OPTIONS..... I just wish there were more people to kill.

The robots remind me of a nazi agenda great game!

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....Did I win? where's the end screen? i have no idea if i won or lost the game.. what happened?

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4.01 / 5.00

May 1, 2012
3:00 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed