The Army Executioner-P.1

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The army's prime executioner, (Arnold Manson) begins too question his actions of killing a man who fled from the battlefeild. Should you kill someone because they fear for their lives.

This animation is a satire, based on my own opinions and thoughts. Part 2 will be coming soon.

Although this film is not explicitly gory and without adult themes it is pretty morbid and may be a little bit disturbing for younger children. Also there is one sighting of bloody injury with a long builb up to the execution.


This has some effort and potential, but needs work.

the Sound is OK and the music is good.
The animation is limited and uninspiring but does the job.
The plot etc is simple but quite thoughtful. Is there a connection between the intro story and the rest of it? The artwork with those building looks good though slightly fuzzy, then its just matchstick men, which is a disappointment.

What really bugged me is that the text is so hard to read. Most came up dark with the dark man in front of it. I tried 3 times to read it, finally reading most of it, including the spelling mistake.

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MattmanProductionsTM responds:

Right, I am definatley doing a remake. Please review and see how you like it then. It should be submitted by the 20th of may or earlier. Thanks for the review.

Not a bad idea. I like the message that the video delivers, however...
The animation was morbid at best. And the fact that there is no voice acting makes the video worst still.
The message is a good idea, but I suggest adding voice acting, remastering the audio for the video itself, and better animation, other than that, not to bad.

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MattmanProductionsTM responds:

Ok...mabye i'll redo it, thanks for the review.

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2.82 / 5.00

May 1, 2012
1:22 PM EDT