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As science looks more and more at the human body with greater technology, we have begun to come full circle in understanding what the ancients knew about the heart, the brain, and divine consciousness. What is the heart? Is it more than just a pump for blood? Or could the truth about its power be related to the essence of your entire being, and have a field of energy so great that it can transform not just your own being into that of light, love and happiness, but even those around you. What is the shining light of the heart, and how can you access it and gain the inner knowing of who you are and why you are here?

Produced by Spirit Science
Animated by Spirit Patch
Colouring by The Atlantis King

Music by Oliver Gregory, Jahon Mikal, Tilkanauts, and Matteo Penna. Thank you so much for sending us music to use in these videos!!

This video was produced out of love for you and the entire human species, please help us share it with as many people as possible to maximize human ascension and get the information to as many people as possible :)

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im most of the time completly calm . my parents think its odd that im never stressed or mad and all that stuff . one time i was working on a test almost most peopel in class were getting red . and taked 3/1 times longer to make it then me it was kinda funny

Very nice, indeed. Although I suppose, then, my life is a fucking furball because I am, practically, always feeling anger, hate, disdain, sorrow or negativity.

I've spent my life surounded by negitivity. My childhood surounded by getting teased left me by myself to grow as best I could with what help I could gather from the family around me when they didn't understand me. Sometime in high school, I found this self help book called 'The Secret'. While most of it is probably a whole load of crap, I did learn one valuable lesson from that book. When I tried to excercises, I slowly gained the ability to let things go and live in the moment(Leting go of my negitive emotions is another way to put it). Thanks to that lesson, I've never been happier. It's hard to explain it but ever since I read that book I've felt much happier and more fufilled with my life. I went from a secretly lonely kid who was in denial to feeling better about myself. I may still not have many friends, but it doesn't bother me as much anymore because even the small interaction they share with me I cherish.

This video puts what I think the book taught me nicely into words. It talks about harmony of the four elements, and while I do not have 'perfect control' (I doubt anyone has) I do feel that this video appeals to both the logical side of me and the spiritual side in one fell swoop. Unlike the author, I am not so good with words, however I hope people atleast give this some serious thought before disreguarding it as a nutjob's rantings.

I love my race too , if I ever see someone in trouble of course I would instantly go to help them. Even when I was small if they were my enemy and they were upset I would gravitate to them and offer what little comfort I could give. We aren't perfect, but we also are at the same time because of that imperfection. I can't explain that last sentence, but maybe some of you will be able to understand what I'm trying to say.

How exactly are you supposed to describe something that doesn't need words to make a point?

Not that impressed. Stronger magnetic and electric fields... so
It's like comparing 3 fase generator to a smartphone. Yes, the generator has a massive electric and magnetic field, but u wont see me playing music or drawing with it.

Its interesting but i feel people are more of brain thinkers. Not many people think with compassion or even think before they do things, nor do they wonder who heir actions affect.

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May 1, 2012
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