Temple Glider

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Unique platforming/flying mechanic used to escape the ancient tombs. Use the left and right Arrow keys to fly. Fly in one direction to fly higher.


Here we go, thank you for the right hand controls, very useful and effective. The tutorial was handy for getting things started and as usual you guys presented very interesting challenge escalation while also introducing new concepts to get a hold of as the game progressed.

I must say I curse my completionist brain as it prevents me from just ignoring the rings, but the rings were great because they provided both good practice and excellent escalation in challenge. You could choose to fulfill the game without the rings but the challenge in obtaining them was satisfaction. Now another thing that I'm not sure whether I enjoy or not is how precise Nitrome gameplay works. You have to be exactly at a certain spot at an exact time. You can have some freedom to play as you will, but I think that your straight forward mechanic of precision and accuracy is a fine way to attune skills in gaming with platforms and parkour.

I enjoyed the mechanic brought in that you finally allowed dual key use with either arrows or WASD keys for lefties and righties. Now Nitrome definitely dominates the flash portal with both user friendliness and design. The music I'll admit was overly repetitive; but that's not a big issue.

Great game and great mechanics. I thoroughly enjoyed what I played through.


Nitrome responds:

We do actually usually offer WASD aswell as arrow keys.....it was an oversight in the few games that don't offer this. Glad to hear you liked the game :)

Cool, Horus or some Egyptian god in the afterlife I presume. Its nice I like the theme and the controls are unique.

Fun, pretty, inventive, however the levels do become rather repetitive.

Yeah I agree with Kurisu-kun. It's just goddamn unforgiving, is all. Maybe give the bird a little more split-second control for those tight turnarounds (I took a rest after level 10), or just reduce the size of the hit box so you don't lose because you got a feather tip caught in the spikes. Also, if you had a key that would allow the bird to temporarily glide, it would help things in those long passages. But the tapping works fine.

Atmosphere and all that was enjoyable, interesting without being intrusive.

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Agree Travoc. Very addicting game ty

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3.37 / 5.00

May 1, 2012
9:31 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other