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Temple Glider

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Author Comments

Unique platforming/flying mechanic used to escape the ancient tombs. Use the left and right Arrow keys to fly. Fly in one direction to fly higher.


Protips for those, who find it too hard:

1) As mentioned, try tapping keys rather than holding them. Learn the rhythm to stand still vertically, and moving horizontally.
2) Standing still in air causes you to fell down faster.
3) It is true, that flying into a wall stops you from ascending, but you can use walls to your advanatege. Try to gain speed and then 'bump' into a wall, turning the other way immediately. This action, as for me, is actually easier to perform when holding down the movement button rather than tapping.
4) If anything bothers you, try finding another way. Worked for me two or three times.

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Very fun game. Very frustrating. There was much swearing involved in finishing it. I think perhaps a bit of a more detailed tutorial level might help with some peoples problems. Because even though the basics is pretty straight forward the finer points may miss some people. I will sum these at the end for people having problems. I didn't have any major suggestions for the game itself other than an (optional) more detailed tutorial level. I did notice that hit detection seemed a bit off. In some places my wings could cover spikes without me dying and in others it felt as if I was even remotely in the same area as the spikes I would die. I finished the game though so it can't be that bad. Overall I had fun (though was frustrated) through the whole thing and would have been happy with more levels. I gave this a solid 5/5 and 5 stars.

Now for the people having trouble with the game dynamics.

1. You don't loose height changing directions if you bounce off walls. This takes a bit of practice to get the timing right and the more room you have the better this works. But doing it right you can gain height in a fairly narrow passage.

2. You can keep an almost perfectly level flight by rhythmically tapping the arrow key. Getting in the rhythm takes a bit of practice, but once you have it navigating between spikes or closing columns will be a breeze. It is basically glide-flap-glide-flap.

3. If you are having trouble with the platforms that spin out from underneath you, you have to be moving about as slow as you possibly can. If you flap directly above one and then glide down onto it you should be able to do it without getting spit out. And it does spit you out. If you get caught going through them you will get spun down until you have enough space to regain momentum or you die. Simple.

4. Walking is rather useful. You walk (as others have said) by tapping the direction key after you have landed. Don't tap too fast or you will take off. In winds or on spinning platforms it is very important to be able to walk.

If you are getting frustrated with a level take a bit of time to work on your flying skills and try it again. Or take a step back before you kill your computer. The puzzles in the game are simple and you are most often given more time than you need (on timed switches). It can be frustrating but once you get the hang of the controls it is pretty fun.

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Quit complaining. If you don't like don't play it! Flying and gliding are basically the same thing and what are you gonna do with a two dimensional platform. Also I liked it! Loved the idea, game play was challenging yet entertaining.

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I love this game so much! I used to play games on Nitrome almost every day that I could when I was 8 years old! Also, I'm trying to go through all of the levels in a row without missing a single ring of light. My perfect run is almost done! :D I had to restart a few times because I got stuck between a block and a wall. DX

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Loved it! T'was an interesting experience; very aggravating at times but overall enjoyable. I know many people are complaining about the controls, but after some experimentation I found it relatively easy to make the bird walk or fly level, for example. The appearance and music synced quite well, all working into the Egyptian Tomb theme without becoming annoying or overly repetitive.

To everyone having an issue: you don't have to hold the buttons down, tapping works much better in many cases. And the puzzles are made specifically to be solvable with the controls as they are. The majority of this game is TIMING: Time your button presses, and time your flights carefully, and you're already halfway there.

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Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

May 1, 2012
9:31 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other