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We were assigned to watch Tex Avery's "Red Hot Riding Hood" and draw inspiration from that to create a short 3d animation. This is what I came up with...
I know it's not a flash, but with Newgrounds new mp4 video player, I felt that this type of animation could maybe gain acceptance. This is the result of hundreds of hours of nearly nonstop work over the past 2 weeks (in order to get a semi watchable final render out for the end of the semester).

Thanks, and please enjoy=)

Also, there were problems with the player on firefox with adblock... not sure if that has since been fixed. But if you are on firefox and cant see it, disable adblock

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like youtube only slower. nice implementation of 3d though

It's not often you see 3D being used here on Newgrounds. The artwork and animation are beautiful from beginning to end, I will say though that the wolf doesn't have much expression to him, we can't really see a lot of emotion in him, which is a crucial element when looking at the story. I am still a bit confused about this story, the wolf is sad that Red is dead... okay, but did he kill her, did she just die, I mean it is a bit strange to see how this would cause a suicide. Suicide is a touchy subject, but I think you needed to explain a bit more through the wolf.

The music choice was a good one, but it seems to be setting the tone too early on, I think silence would have done this movie better to build the appropriate atmosphere. The sound effects are standard fair, nothing out of the ordinary there. All in all, I get the feeling that more time was spent on the animation than the building of the story. Still great, but could have been better.

|| Cheers ||
*Masterful Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Great Music
*Great Sound
*Good Story

|| Jeers ||
*Story - More Explanation
*Animation - Wolf Needs More Emotion

1) it's 3d
2)animation wasn't really good

im voting 4 cuz thats so fucking sad

Let me start off by saying that this production is above the average NG animator. I enjoyed the concept, the mood, and the unique quality of the piece. Rather than just gush or harshly react (as others have done... ) Let me give some honest appraisal and suggestions. These will be based on my many years as a connoisseur of the entire run of NG and my own acting/writing experience.

Never assume your audience knows what you know. - As an animator, and anyone who watches older cartoons, seeing Tex Avery is a MUST. Not everyone watches the old cartoons anymore. Using the clips of Red (if you recreated them.. BRAH-VO!!) was great, but you assumed everyone watching has seen the original. The character of Wolf has fallen on hard times, but you make no reference to it ever being any other way. Was he a fan? Was he a co-star to Red? One or two cut-aways would have answered that, and made the character MUCH more tragic.

You've mentioned the limitations on rigging and expressions. One easy idea is the half faded overlay. One picture of him doing the wolf whistle, or the gigantic eyes and you would have shown that he COULD and DID have other expressions... But he no longer USES them.. No need to animate, just a static fade-in and fade-out, hovering and haunting him.

Methinks you'll make a GREAT animator. good luck!

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4.10 / 5.00

May 1, 2012
1:02 AM EDT

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