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A little gadget that picks out a random retro game for you under a certain console.

I will update this in the future with more consoles, but these nine should be fine for now.

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It's definitely an interesting concept. With a bigger database, better styling, links for purchasing/downloading, and some additional filtering, this could be very useful (it'd be better as a smartphone app, though).


None of these are gaems I want to play. vry cute

They deleted my original message. Nice. I responded to the delete notice, but it would not let me reply, also nice. Originally I gave a no star review, again I apply the no star review. This is clearly not a game, and is kinda silly. I was not so polite in my original review perhaps this time they will see fit not to delete me...but don't think this is a game...cause it aint.

Well I do like the concept...

But seriously did you actually read ANY of your choices? Some of these are blatant crap I mean seriously you're gonna reccomend Barbie or Catz to us? I was expecting to be reccomended under appreciated gems like Trace Memory or Jet Force Gemini like that.

Just a suggestion for the future okay?

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3.29 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2012
10:24 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other