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Dissidiocy Qualifications

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This project has been in production for almost three years I believe, it all started during an OrgLIX Skype conversation when one of our talented writers Schala showed us a script she'd written and after reading it I immediately offered to animate it since I loved it so much.

Shortly after the hiatus having animated as much as I could I started asking around to get any of the OrgLIX crew who hadn't auditioned or auditioned partially only for a now busy Schala to hand all control and responsibility of the project to me which at that point I had been hoping for just that given all my hard work so far.

I've been working on this on and off between other commitments but having had recast one final role recently I decided I wanted to finish everything up by the end of the month and buckled down to finish all lip sync, eye movements and hand gestures.

As always this took a lot of work to complete so I really hope all the Square Enix fans enjoy...

EDIT - The previous sound issue has been fixed and now that I've finally figured out how to stop the sound quality drop upon publishing in Flash all my future projects will benefit from the lesson.

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It was an enjoyable enough flash. There were a number of humourous jokes and I particularly liked Jecht's inclusion with the bad guys. You had to know the character's to really be able to understand it though and while I do, I didn't seem to recognise a few of them. The only problem I really had with the flash is that it felt a little dragged out as there were a number of characters and all each one did was talk about themselves. I felt that perhaps they could have done a little more. Some conversations or arguments between the characters would have been sufficient. Just something to break away from the cycle a little as it wasn't until after the credits that something different happened. That being said, I did rather like how you had the same going on with the bad guys and the good guys.

My first impression was that the graphics were rather cute. I liked the thick chunky lines around the characters and the rather basic style with no shading seemed to add character to the flash.

The music was a very nice choice and was rather relaxing. I thought that perhaps you could have included subtitles though as some of the characters were a little hard to understand. The blonde woman at the start had an echoy voice, which made understanding some of her words a bit of a struggle and others such as Terra were a little hard to make out at times as well.

My hat's off to you again, Tetsubo, for another awesome final fantasy parody; you captured the very essence of the heroes and villians in the game, though i thought Exdeath was going to say, " ... and i'll send every last one of them into the void!". Really, he said "void" everytime he was in a cutscene like his own personal fixation like Kefka with destruction. The whole divinity one-up at Sepiroth was quite funny. And Seymour could have been one of the villians on this fighting game but i think there's enough magic users there already. As for Shanatto's disappoint, that was justifible due to her personality. again great flash and i hope to see more of your work.

I don't understand why this doesn't have at least 4 stars. :(

The humor is quite appropriate and is delicious fanservice.

I found this quite funny really. So Most of the heroes becames heroes because the villians destroyed there town. I also loved how Sepiroth said he want to be a god and 3 of the other villians had already been gods and got killed. Anyway I loved this animation.

Tetsubo responds:

On behalf of the writer Schala I thank you and as the animator of this project thanks and I'm glad you liked it.

Cute animation style, good voice-acting, nice construction, funny lines. This is solid.

Tetsubo responds:

Thanks very much for the comments, it makes all the hard work worth it.

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2012
6:03 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place May 2, 2012

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