Krash's Adventure

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Author Comments

Ethan Krash seems to have had some trouble with his new plane during its inaugural flight. Now the parts are scattered across the land, miles away from civilization. But being a skilled adventurer, this isn't enough to discourage our hero, who rushes looking for them.

Fight your way through dangerous forests, deep dark caves, ice cold mountains and the ruins of an old, abandoned factory, searching for the parts to repair your plane and get safely back home, in this action-packed platformer that will make you feel it's 1989 again!


While the game itself is nothing special, I'm rather proud of the engine. No 3rd-party stuff here, people. It's all DJ-branded! I would have added stuff like switchable weapons and an overworld map where you can choose your level, but I ran out of time and I had a rent to pay. I'm still looking for a way to do this engine justice, though. Too many jobs to do all at once and not enough revenues. Plus I suck at game design. It's really unfortunate. A Metroid or late Wonder Boy gameplay would be awesome, if I knew where to start.

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We are leaving the3D was the name of the game is covered by a large game, take the time to play this memory game, you'll find out, this is the game

DaddieJay responds:

Uh... wait what?

I played this game awhile and came to the conclusion that its actually pretty good. It plays like Mario Bros, collect coins to get extra lives. The animation is well done and the level design isnt bad at all. The music and sound effects are well done. After reading the author comments I would really like to see this on Newgrounds and for the author to get the praise he deserves so maybe the next game will be more Wonderboy (my all time favorite game for genesis) I think this deserves a spot on the site and I hope I see more from DaddieJay.

I may have gotten that backward- 4/5 vote or 4/5 stars, but I rather liked it! I truly appreciated the Super Mario Bros. gameplay. The artwork and graphics were not overly complicated for the game and the controls were easy enough, though the weapon range is a bit short and leads to some rather frustrating close encounters. Overall, I thought it was well designed and there was obviously a lot of thought and planning that went into it for as "little" game design skill you claim to have. Great job, man.

Too Normal, It Should Have More Stuff To Do.t

DaddieJay responds:

I couldn't agree more, actually! The thing is, I spent most of my time on the engine and by the time I was done with it, I didn't have any time left to find an original concept to go with it, so I whipped up an Adventure Island clone and crossed my fingers. But I don't think I would have come up with a very original idea otherwise anyway. My ideas suck, and nobody will lend me theirs. =(

idk if ill add this too my favs but its a good game. controls are a little slugish and takes some getting use to. But the game brings me back to mario 2 on nes :) ......

Credits & Info

1.29 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2012
5:30 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop