A.E. Chronics Epis: 4

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Yep! The last part of Chapter 0 for A.E. Chronics is finally online. Barely made it too. I said I'd release it in April and April's practically over!

Now I know I mentioned that newer animations would be in HD when uploaded to our site. Well this one unfortunately won't be released as such. I'm saving the HD stuff for the new WHOOKOS, Zelda UO, and A.E. Chronics Chapter 1 stuff!

For those who helped with A.E. Chronics 4, I'm sure you noticed a few changes in the episode. Well my reasons for that were simply because parts of the episode felt out of place and without reason. So I'm saving those for later.

Anyway enjoy the new A.E. Chronics!


Why has it ended in this room with a semingly insignificant thing? Why are they scared of the things if they can't get hurt? ( they might be being pushed towards something that can) But then again, they keep waking up in different places. hm. Well, I'm not at all impressed with the mystery plot. I hope this changes

that was amazing, the fight scen was amazing too! just wished i could have seen the end reults though but i just cant wait for the next part to come out!!

Heh, glad to see your still making episodes of tis series. keep up the good work.

This is such a great show. Even tough I like the Zelda UO series, witch made me start watching your work in the first place. I really like your original stuff much better.

Looking forward to new episodes :-)

P.S. It's a long time since I've seen this show, so I will probably rewatch all episodes later.

I've really enjoyed this series, I was extatic when I saw you had made two more since last I had checked. I haven't seen the live action version, but even since the first animated one you did 4 years ago, I've always loved the concept and the world. I think it's the best horror thing to hit NG. You're doing a great job with the eeriness, the feel and the timing and I was completely sucked in. The graphics have improved since you started, and so has the sound quality.

But it's not without it's problems, for one, you have issues with cinematic compositions that haven't changed at all since Zelda UO 1. Almost every shot in your movies are either a close-up, a bust shot, or a background shot, and as a result, it's extremely difficult to read where your characters are in their surroundings. The lack of variety in the angles and shots constantly reminds me that I'm watching a Flash cartoon, and that shouldn't be when the timing and feel are pulled off so well. Another major thing is that you have to step out of this paradigm you have with animation itself, I'd like to see you take more risks with the action, because there's way too much tweening and too many symbols bouncing rather than characters actually walking on the ground and interacting with their surroundings. The action scenes REALLY need more frame-by-frame, there's just no getting around it, the fight at the end looked really cheap and completely took me out of the movie. Take a crack at frame-by-frame, even if it's just keys and breakdowns; try the animator's survival guide and study live action film when storyboarding and blocking scenes, trust me, it helps.

Keep it up, though. Can't wait to see more. I'd love to animate a fight scene or two for this if you wanna save some work.

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Apr 30, 2012
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