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A.E. Chronics Epis: 4

rated 2.84 / 5 stars
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Apr 30, 2012 | 1:06 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Yep! The last part of Chapter 0 for A.E. Chronics is finally online. Barely made it too. I said I'd release it in April and April's practically over!

Now I know I mentioned that newer animations would be in HD when uploaded to our site. Well this one unfortunately won't be released as such. I'm saving the HD stuff for the new WHOOKOS, Zelda UO, and A.E. Chronics Chapter 1 stuff!

For those who helped with A.E. Chronics 4, I'm sure you noticed a few changes in the episode. Well my reasons for that were simply because parts of the episode felt out of place and without reason. So I'm saving those for later.

Anyway enjoy the new A.E. Chronics!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

very well done. great designe, color work, and story, didnt really read the sign at the end well. but over all. its nothing less than what i have come to know from scoots work.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I must say, watching the Flash version after watching the YouTube version is a lot better because I can see more of the backgrounds and understand what's going on better (I didn't even know they were on a floating rock until I saw it here). Darkness + video conversion doesn't seem like a good combo, though I bet some colour correction in the video version might help next time. X3

Now for the animation itself. All I can say overall is that your improvement keeps on a rollin'. The writing is always unpredictable and interesting and haunting, which makes AE my favorite of all your series. Your voice acting has more emotion; it surprised me a little when Scoot yelled, "WHAT'S GOING ON?!!" The music impressed me too, it was spot on every time. Finally, the 3D POV was a very nice touch; the camera animation matched perfectly with Rina-chan's voice.

The only thing I could point out negatively besides keeping the improvement ball rolling is the character models but I know that was for consistency and you are already working on them so I'll wait until Chapter 1 begins.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well done. The best part was the atmosphere. I also enjoyed the 3D work with the girl in the film. Very nice, scoot =3


Rated 4 / 5 stars

A pretty decent ending to Chapter 0. I do have a few issues with this episode, though. Most of them are the same issues I had with Part 3, so I'll try to keep those to a minimum.

The animation is improving, but it still has its occasional hiccups. It still feels rather awkward when characters move their heads and not their hair. Plus, when characters are jumping, they usually look less like they are actually jumping and more like they're being thrown, like a child has put a doll into a certain pose and tossed it in front of a camera. Personally, I found this the most jarring during the
<<SPOILERS>>fight scene at the end, when Kyo hooks his wrench into the Statistic's neck. In this shot, he looks like an action figure, and the tween job makes it look as if he's being pulled by a string. A lot of the time, the characters' postures are actually rather stiff and lifeless, almost like statues. Also, the character models are rather visually unappealing, as they usually either look like edgy paper cutouts or soft figures made of clay or silly putty(like BB in the scene where he's got his hands up on the shelves above him). But while the animation and most character models need work, there are some nice visuals here. One character model that certainly did not disappoint(much) was the Statistic. While it still has some of the same issues as the other character models, I like its grotesque design. If there's one thing that these Statistics have proven, it's that you are quite good at designing creatures, and it's a worthy successor to the awe-inspiring Baby Statistic. The backgrounds are still very impressive as well. Though the contrast between 2-D and 3-D can still be rather jarring, the backgrounds(when you can see them) are still really nice, especially with the amount of detail you put into some of them. My personal favorite sight is the green nebula in the sky. It looks really awesome, but my real reasons for loving this sight are for later in the review.
- Some great backgrounds
- Nice creature design for the Statistic
- Blegh character models
- Some goofs in the animation

The voice acting has improved noticeably since Part 3. Honestly, I don't have much to say about the voice acting this time. In fact, I don't really have anything negative to say about the sound aside from that the voice acting still needs work. What I really want to talk about is the music. The music is used perfectly here. While it's not exactly a five-star soundtrack, what is here is used perfectly. The eerie music always fits whatever scene it's played for, from the ambient, Silent-Hill-like drones that play in the building to the screeching, Earthbound-esque track that plays in the green nebula scene. The best musical choice of them all is the use of the A.E. Chronics theme song in the fight scene. I can see that there could have been a fast-paced action theme played here(after all, it IS a fight), but the theme song fits so much more perfectly. It fits the characters' determination and their decision to fight back at all costs, and it perfectly suits the fact that this is both the end of Chapter 0 and the beginning of the real series, as if to say, "Stay tuned. This is where it gets good."
- Voice acting is improving
- Music is used flawlessly
- Voice acting still needs work

It's hard to say much about the story, since this is pretty much just the prologue. So let's talk about the writing. Overall, the writing continues to impress, and it has improved since Part 3. There weren't any lines I found myself cringing at, so that's already an improvement. The pacing here is carried out excellently. There weren't many rough bits I picked up on, and the overall ride of the episode was fairly smooth. The episode does a great job of hyping people up for the series, and it gets viewers asking questions, like "What could bury the entire Earth?" "Why is the sky suddenly green?" "What is Boarston doing here, and why is he a monster?" and most importantly, "What happens next?!"

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow yall havent released anything for awhile now and great cliff hanger