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Mite Love

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Help the tiny mite Bernardo get strong and date the girl of his life.
This a creation of a single man in 48h (Ludum Dare).

WASD = movement
Mouse = aim and special spit

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interesting story and gameplay but still fun.
and i agree with the caption it is a better love story than twilight

could have included a level were you get to kill his love and the game was pretty easy other than that quick and addicting

Great Game, and even though it is not challenging enough, seeing as you made it in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare, It is a great game. 4.5.


It was enjoyable enough game. Everything that was needed was there, but it was unfortunately far too easy. There was a minor challenge in it being hard to hit a certain type of enemy early-mid game, but this was easily remedied with an upgrade and from then on the game presented no challenge whatsoever. The sound effect of the enemies being destroyed was a little annoying at first, but I seemed to get used to it rather quickly.

When I saw the pixel-style text I was expecting too see a pixel style game, but that wasn't the case. Why did you choose this font when it was in no way related to the game? It seemed to be an incredibly strange choice. You could have laid out the objective in the game better through the text. When the game first began I wasn't sure if I was supposed to lead the mite to a certain place or if my goal was simply to destroy all the enemies. It turned out to be the latter.

A number of aspects in the game seemed to make it far too easy. The first of these I noticed was the fact that it auto-fired. However, given the game mechanics I can't thing of an alternative to this that's laptop-friendly. If clicking or pressing a key is required to fire then rotating, moving and firing all at the same time would have been rather difficult.

It was too easy to upgrade the mite, there was more than enough detritus to collect throughout the waves, making numerous upgrades possible after each one. After the first alone I was able to upgrade the mite in two areas. The upgrades were too powerful as well towards the end of the game as the mite could easily outrun everything and could destroy everything but the final enemy in a few seconds. All you had to do was simply move in a circle around the screen, moving the cursor when necessary to destroy everything and you were unlikely to ever take a hit.

When the enemies that could dodge your attacks quickly were first introduced I thought 'Finally, this game is beginning to get challenging' (although the only challenge was trying to hit them. There was no danger of them hitting you). However for the next level I upgraded to give myself additional balls of spit and they were no longer any challenge whatsoever.

The enemies dropping lives just made the game even easier. Were these really necessary? It seems that even if for some reason you do manage to lose them all you simply get to restart the wave you just died on, but not before being given a chance to spend the detritus you'd just collected to improve the mite even further. Where's the punishment to that? If you didn't want to make the player have to restart the game from the beginning they should have at least lost the detritus they'd collected during their failed wave.

The enemies could stack themselves on top of each other and it was impossible to see how many of them were. This seemed to occur with the faster enemies which were split from their larger forms. Could you not have thrown in some sort of collision code or something to prevent this from happening?

I liked the inclusion of some story in between the waves. This is often something which is missing from these kind of games. I felt that it was a little slow-paced though. It seemed to be more or less the same between each wave with no real development in story. I was left a little confused by the text at the end. He spoke of how he killed her. When I read this I was anticipating a final boss fight, but it didn't seem to happen. Why not? Was she supposed to be the final enemy during the previous wave? If she was I think that you should have made this clear before you had to destroy it. I think that come that point the wave could have easily been temporarily interupted for a small text scene. If that mite wasn't supposed to be her then I can't help but feel disappointed that we never got to see her at all.

Very nice game.
You actually made this in 48 hours by yourself !