Bass Fishing Hero

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In this rock n' roll style game you are a bass fisherman who has to catch as many fish as he can in 90 seconds. Input the key combinations as quickly as possible to get a highscore. Catch 4 different types of fish, kelp fish, large mouth bass, amur catfish, and fresh water large mouth bass. In the fish journal you can see how many of each fish you have caught and see your fish points you have earned from your catches. Challenge your fish points against others by submitting your score. Train your fishing skills even more by returning with automatic save feature in the fish journal. There is bass fishing, and then there is Bass Fishing Hero!


not a fan. sound is annoying. also, too simple. make it harder, get rid of that sound.

needs some serious work. responsiveness, graphics, replay value all unsatisfactory. Try using anything other than multimedia fusion.

adjua responds:

MMF2 is a very powerful program if you know how to use it. I am still on a basic amateur level, but still have enough knowledge to make games that starting flash makers cant. If your really good with this program you can make excellent flash games, indie games, and it's not even limited to games. Don't knock something untill you actually tried it and from your language you haven't tried MMF2.

It's good, but the programation is a little bit bad.

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3.06 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2012
8:03 PM EDT
Skill - Typing