Whale Diving Physiology

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This is a teaching tool I developed for a project as part of my last year of university. I need reviews of the usability of it, and so helpful comments would be appreciated. I placed it under games because I designed the flash to be slightly interactive, although that really only accounts for pause/play buttons and the ability to select the different tabs. The buttons are self explanatory, a short help box can be accessed by hovering over "Help".

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I didn't really play anything! I just saw an ugly whale diving down!

well you know what? i say GREAT JOB!! :D :D :D :D :D :D i LOVED IT!!! ima fave it and show it to my little cousin to see if she likes it! :) if she does, i will letcha know kk?

Not a game. not interesting, whale is ugly.

Interesting but not interactive. This isnt actually a game, is it? Maybe you put it in the wrong category?

Also it fails as an educational tool- I know now that partial pressure of oxygen has something to do with whales diving but not what it is or what effect it has. Some explanation, whether as voice over or text, is essential.
Finally, more range of animation would make this stand out more. As is, it looks more like a gif animation than a proper movie.

Well... It's okay... But it doesn't really teach me more than the deeper you get under water, the less oxygen there is and the lower the heart rate gets and the lunge volume... And that can be taught in one sentence...

Now to the points that you can make better:

First of all, what's up with that "Partial Pressure of Oxygen"? Is it the partial pressure of oxygen in the water or in the lungs? And does the bar mean "the redder it is" the more oxygen there is?! Or the other way around? Also a scale would be helpful.. And if I were you, I'd name the tabs or do not make tabs at all, since it makes the comparison between heart+lunge with the partial pressure of oxygen harder...

Also it would have been much more fun to make it into a real game:
Like you could control the whale and the faster you get to a certain finish line without dying makes you win and to get your lungs filled with water again you need to dive up! You could also add some plankton that the whale can eat for some extra points and some obstacles that the whale has to avoid or he'll get minus points or even die! And... get some better artists...

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2.50 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2012
12:40 PM EDT