Splice of Life (NATA)

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This was made for the open round of the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation. The theme was "discovery of time travel."

This is the first time I've participated in anything like this, so I ended up working like crazy in case I didn't finish in time. It turns out, after spending pretty much all my free time working and temporarily forgetting about having a social life, I got it done right on time. See, I'm actually leaving to go to Waterloo for the Skills Ontario 2D animation competition soon, where I will only have access to a computer while I'm working on my animation for that competition, so I wouldn't be able to work on my NATA entry. My entry is done now, though, so I no longer need to worry about that.

As for the theme, I didn't want to do a typical time travel story, so I interpreted the theme a little differently. I recalled that scene from Back to the Future 2 where Doc draws a graph showing multiple timelines for Marty. I took this idea where, rather than moving along the forwards/backwards axis (x), I would move along the timelines axis (y), or in the case of this video, squish them all together into one timeline using a package that was supposed to be delivered to the mad scientist next door. It's a stretch in terms of adherence to the theme, but I think it still works.

Anyway, it looks like NATA's going to be a blast this year. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!


The drawing style and the animation style really reminded me of Eddsworld.
Great story, specially the ending. Just awesome.

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haha that was awesome man. I loved the concept and how it was pulled off. Very entertaining!

Each timeline has you: assuming you are an alpha. There is only one alpha, and all the others are simply doomed timelines. They are timelines that are meant for nothing, and usually fracture off into malexistence. Or, they are spliced into the alpha timeline to be killed, as they are inevitably doomed anyway. Essentially, if you meet your "destiny", should you have one, you are the alpah you. Now, as there is no pre-determined destiny for ANYONE, there could be multiple alphas of any one person at any given time. That is, unless they are somehow pre-destined, like, say, someone like George Washington. The one we know is probably the alpha, as he died a natural death. During one of his more famous battles, he rode at the front of this troops, cheering them on. A number of bullet holes were found later in his coat, not because he is "invincible", but because he was destined to eventualy become the first president of the united states. This is why time travel is bad. Knnowing your eventual destiny is probably a bad idea, something that would splinter you off into a doomed timeline. Besides, the fun's in the journey!

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Pahgawk responds:

Well, time travel is an interesting concept to think about!

Awesome! I loved your use of shading and foreshortening, your work is probably the most original, in NATA! 57 Upvotes fot yo- Damn, I have to get off Reddit....


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Apr 29, 2012
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