Pico's Mission

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9/13/13- BIG update! Boss updated and many glitches fixed! Push button added, press D to push enemies away!

This is a submission years in the making. A lot of blood sweat and tears went into making this, we hope you enjoy this!

Pico's on a mission to save his town from destruction in this shooter, ranging from all over the city! Take on the colorful cast of Pico's world in this intense shooter!

Corny dialogue out of the way, this is our submission for Pico Day 2012. Reviews and ratings are welcome! We have an update aimed for April 30 on monday to fix up those pesky glitches, ending, and some graphics issues. We may have a medal waiting if we can get it in. :D

4/30- Update for the REAL Pico Day! We weren't able to get in everything we wanted to for this update, but some major changes did occur, like bigger space, moving faster, and higher difficulty. Actual content changes should come soon, Andy is busy with college and we want to make sure that comes first.


It's ok, but the highschool level is literally imposible, even when i was spamming the attack button with both hands.

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LDAF responds:

It isn't impossible! The difficulty also varies, we did that so each experience is different. It is sorta silly on my part though that it goes from "hitting the spacebar every 10 seconds" to Nintendo hard by level 4. :P Thanks for the review!

This is boring, nice graphic, animation too. But:
Crap enemies
No blood
No gunz(?)

Fix this please! (And add some swords!)

LDAF responds:

I suppose it is a little repetitive. Some stuff will be added tomorrow or some time soon after that, so I hope that pleases you. Funny you should mention guns, lots of other reviewers wanted that; we were thinking about it from the start but decided to add multiple guns in if we had time, which we did not end up having. I also am not sure how willing Andy is to support the game post-release after tomorrow (or soon after)'s update; we worked really hard on this, and he's in college, so he has that to focus on too.

this is boooooooooooooooooooooooring !

LDAF responds:

same response as below. :P


LDAF responds:


it was ok, need a button & die too quick.

LDAF responds:

You're right about the button, we're working on that for the monday update. And as for dying too quickly, I actually thought it was TOO easy...

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3.19 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2012
8:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun