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Pico's Mission

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9/13/13- BIG update! Boss updated and many glitches fixed! Push button added, press D to push enemies away!

This is a submission years in the making. A lot of blood sweat and tears went into making this, we hope you enjoy this!

Pico's on a mission to save his town from destruction in this shooter, ranging from all over the city! Take on the colorful cast of Pico's world in this intense shooter!

Corny dialogue out of the way, this is our submission for Pico Day 2012. Reviews and ratings are welcome! We have an update aimed for April 30 on monday to fix up those pesky glitches, ending, and some graphics issues. We may have a medal waiting if we can get it in. :D

4/30- Update for the REAL Pico Day! We weren't able to get in everything we wanted to for this update, but some major changes did occur, like bigger space, moving faster, and higher difficulty. Actual content changes should come soon, Andy is busy with college and we want to make sure that comes first.

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Game is good but not the optimization of it.
I feel like everytime after every kill of the enemy, it's not gone completelly but it still exists in game, severly stressing game engine. Maybe decade ago it wasn't an issue and maybe it's the fault of our equipment how it handles this old engine.

Intrapath responds:

It's definitely possible that the enemies aren't properly unloaded once they're killed. Plus, I'd have to double-check to see if everything would work if I switch over to Ruffle from the NG player; I've generally had better experiences with Ruffle, but there's still some fairly basic AS2 functionality that's missing from that platform. I intend to do a sweep through of all my pre-Intrapath content some time to make sure it all still works, and try to avoid scenarios like you had. Still, thanks for taking the time to play it!