Portal Panic

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A whole new world 5 Points

Enter the flash portal

Dad Get 5 Points

Rescue and recruit Dad

Pico Get 5 Points

Rescue and recruit Pico

Bitey Get 10 Points

Rescue and recruit Bitey of Brackenwood

Salad Fingers Get 10 Points

Rescue and recruit Salad Fingers

Diluted Sweets 25 Points

Collect all 5 bowls of Waterlollies

Diversifying your wardrobe 25 Points

Collect all 5 skulls

Never too spoon 25 Points

Collect all 5 Rusty Spoons

Parts I through VI 25 Points

Collect all 5 collector's edition Titanic DVD's

Yours Sincerely 25 Points

Collect all 5 private nude photo's of Nene

Author Comments

Pbot has gone on a rampage thanks to Blockheads lack of mental processing. You must venture forth and rescue your comrades who have been thrown into corrupt versions of their own domain.


This game was made by Elvidian Entertainment for Pico Day 2012, the characters used are property of various authors with their own movies and games on Newgrounds, go check them out!


(view/change in the menu)
Arrows = Movement
A/S = Abilities/Attacks
Space/Enter = Use Portal or Checkpoint
ESC/P = Pause/Menu
R = Return to Checkpoint

-the Captain is the all-rounder unti
-Pico can crawl in very small spaces
-Dad can smash breakable tiles
-Bitey can Double-Jump
-Salad Fingers can walk on invisible tiles


As others have said, there's a glitch in the desert stage, with tankman as enemies (cool music anyway).

When the player has the 2 keys to reach the golden key, both are used in the first door. In other words, I'm stuck because this bug.

This played out very well, it was quite fun
A few things though:
One, sometimes when i was jumping, the characters legs would separate from the top half of their body by a little bit, so it looked kinda weird.
Two, in the Tankman level, if you go all the way to the right with Bitey, its possible to go entirely off screen, thus pretty much forcing you to restart the level, so you might want to fix that.
Three, when i was collecting items in the Pico level, there were 2 items that seemed impossible to get: Salad Fingers' spoon, because you placed it in such a way that only Pico could fit in, but it was on invisible blocks, so only Salad Fingers could stand on them. And then Dad's skull. I tried both starting the level with him and also trying to backtrack from the checkpoint, and with Dad's size, both were pretty much impossible, the platforms blocked me from moving.
Four, during the boss fight with P-Bot, when i was attacking him with each of the characters, i had no idea if i was doing any damage to him or not, there was no clear sign of P-Bot taking damage, that is until the next character dropped in, so until that point, i just had to keep on attacking, hoping i was doing damage. It'd be nice if maybe P-Bot flashed or something when he took damage so i'd know when he was hurt instead of just attacking wildly, hoping im doing damage.
Besides those 4 things though, this was immensely fun to play, I loved the different stages and the music set to each one, and the different way each character played. Great Job and Happy Pico Day!

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Okay, I was thinking that this was a pretty darn good game with some issues of course until I hit a game breaking glitch which had me have to restart a level. What happened was I glitched through the wall using the bitey character and then fell on the falling platform into a hole that my character couldn't get out of. Another issue that I had with this game Is that the balls bouncing around would put me in a trap and kill me in seconds. I believe that there should be a short amount of time that your characters is invincible a once you get hit to prevent getting trapped in a corner and dying.

Other than these glitches, I believe that this is a well done tribute to all of our favorite characters.

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great concept but the platforming is way too frustrating. the platforms dont even give you a chance to jump on.

bug:on the desert level where you need 2 silver key to get the gold key,
if you have 2 silver key on hand,both will disappear on the first door,which means the second is not unlocked and you have 0 silver key.In short,i am stuck

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Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2012
3:03 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other