Portal Panic

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A whole new world 5 Points

Enter the flash portal

Dad Get 5 Points

Rescue and recruit Dad

Pico Get 5 Points

Rescue and recruit Pico

Bitey Get 10 Points

Rescue and recruit Bitey of Brackenwood

Salad Fingers Get 10 Points

Rescue and recruit Salad Fingers

Diluted Sweets 25 Points

Collect all 5 bowls of Waterlollies

Diversifying your wardrobe 25 Points

Collect all 5 skulls

Never too spoon 25 Points

Collect all 5 Rusty Spoons

Parts I through VI 25 Points

Collect all 5 collector's edition Titanic DVD's

Yours Sincerely 25 Points

Collect all 5 private nude photo's of Nene

Author Comments

Pbot has gone on a rampage thanks to Blockheads lack of mental processing. You must venture forth and rescue your comrades who have been thrown into corrupt versions of their own domain.


This game was made by Elvidian Entertainment for Pico Day 2012, the characters used are property of various authors with their own movies and games on Newgrounds, go check them out!


(view/change in the menu)
Arrows = Movement
A/S = Abilities/Attacks
Space/Enter = Use Portal or Checkpoint
ESC/P = Pause/Menu
R = Return to Checkpoint

-the Captain is the all-rounder unti
-Pico can crawl in very small spaces
-Dad can smash breakable tiles
-Bitey can Double-Jump
-Salad Fingers can walk on invisible tiles


This is a very good game good work

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it took me some hours to finish the game, but now i made it and I can say... wow. This deserves more than only daily 2nd o.O
Full 5 stars for this sweet piece of epicness ;D

Now, heres my pros and cons:
+ The storyline was quiet funny, random and creative
+ For completing it, you had to go back to already visited levels to get some items, which you weren't able to get the first time (character skills)
+ At some points the game required some thinking about what to do next, so your other chars could go on
+ The grafiks are nice and fluently
+ The controls are the learn, but still allow different actinos with different characters
+ The music was fitting for every level
+ The enemys werent too hard and the boss was a nice challenge at the end ;)

- After playing for some hours my lagged started lagging, so I had to stop and paly on the next day
- I got a little confused about where to go next, it took me over 1 hour to find Bitey, although I visited his level already 3 times at that point
- Relying on the fact its called PORTAL Panic, there could be more characters. That would also stretch the game, making it bigger and more detailed. I would suggest Hank, Alien Homicid, Darnell and as secret fun character Tom Fulp :D

Well yeah, thats all. Now, just let me spoil how to beat the boss, as some people dont seem to get it.
====== SPOILER: Beating the boss !!! ======

The bad thing is, you have nothing like a lifeline of the boss and dont know if your attacks affect him at all. But thats okay, just keep attacking him and stay alive. With dad first, punch him like mad, but dodge his drill to stay save. Dont go too far away, or he uses his missiles, which are pretty hard to dodge (jumping). Suddenly, you will spawn as the Captain. i request collecting one side of the hearts with him, if required. Afterwards, try shooting Blockhead on P-Bots back. Again: Dodge, as always.
Next is Pico. I request throwing grenades at a little distance and shooting him while the grenade explodes. You may have to dodge the missiles, but Pico is small enough to lure them deep enough to jump over them. The next char is Bitey. Here you go ninja. First, get some hearts, if needed. Then, jump up to Blockhead and kick him, followed by the tackle.attack, which should be used in midair. Time it well to dodge the drill. At the end, you get Salad Fingers. Weird things: He CANT attack and there are no invisible blocks in the bossroom. BUT! he can block the missiles with his ... lets call it "finger-friends" move. The missiles will bounce off and hit the ground. Keep the needed distance to hit P-Bot with them. Followed by a whitescreen, the somehow weird ending will start and you won. Have fun testing my strategy ;D

And I dont care if I made any mistakes in my grammar and stuff, haterz gonna hate.

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nice now how do i finish the last level

ill say the game is good but the controls for DAD are kinda complicated, like the other guy said, you should put hank in that game, overall ill say the game is beyond average on awesomeness, the storyline intro is funny as well, the sountrack is really good, got the scariest feeling from salad finger's world. good work

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cool but cant beat final boss

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4.06 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2012
3:03 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other