Pico Brawler 2012

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====: CONTROLS :====

Arrow Keys = Move
F = Jump
Right, Right or Left, Left to Dash; Dash then Jump to Long Jump or Dash in midair to Airdash.

D = Punch
S = Kick

Combo: Press quickly
Power: Hold down the button
Rear: Simultaneously press the direction you are not facing and the attack button (i.e, if facing left, press [Right] + [D] to do Rear Punch)
Dash: Press while Dashing
Aerial: Press while airborne

Grab: Press while close to your opponent to grab.

From D Grab, press [Right] or [Left] to throw the held opponent in the given direction
From S Grab, press [S] to knee the opponent or Dash in the current direction to flying knee
Press [S] or [D] quickly to switch

====: STORY :====

Pico Day was in less than a week. Usually takes me 3 months to solo a brawler game. Challenge accepted.

At the beginning, I may have entertained ambitions of more NG characters like Nene, Darnell, Tankmen, Angry Faic or Tom Fulp's Beard, but then I was like, "shit, this is hard".

I couldn't tell what Pico's hair was supposed to look like in 3 dimensions, so I just gave him a River City doo.

For some reason I can't quite remember, I'm using an armature rig from a beginners' tutorial with a lot of little bells and whistles instead of the simpler builds I employ for normal practice. The rig really doesn't work that well, which is why you'll see various body segments twisted into grotesque positions in some of the animations.

In my head, the common thug's design looked like zombie gangstas. In reality, they look like marshmallow pirates... I'm okay with this.

The boss guy was made by accident at first when I left the red lines on and forgot to turn on the lights. It looked cool, so I ran with it.

60 FPS Mutha-Phuqqas!

As you can see, I have yet to learn how to make special effects in 3D.

There are probably a lot of unresolved glitches. If you find one, notify me via PM or in your review and I'll try to fix them in a timely manner.

And yes, I know it's too hard. That's the point.

====: FIXES :====
4/29/12 - 11PM - Rebalanced the kick combo a little and made the get harder after clearing it once, so you don't just go in infinite circles. Fixed something that was wrong with the boss fight. I have yet to figure out why the AI is such a complete idiot when it comes to 1vs1 combat.

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It's a decent concept and I'd like it more if it was refined more.

I Like this 3dish game ! Pico ! Pico ! Pico !

meh could've been better

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

true dat

Awful game.


Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2012
2:46 PM EDT
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