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Nothing Head Ep.1

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Nothing Head is born, begins his pursuit of futility and learns his first lesson.

"One is still what one is going to cease to be and already what one is going to become." - Jean Paul Sartre

"Yesterday's weirdness is tomorrow's reason why." - Hunter S. Thompson,

Written and Animated by Danny Bacchus

Sound Design by Adam McSweeney


EDIT: Thanks so much for the front page guys, this site continues to be the best place around to showcase your work :)

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you do have a bit of the salad fingers enviroment, and i find it amusing that nothing head is simply made of keys, hinges, etc. it seems that nothing head has no real purpose, and can therefore easily be influenced by other beings, like the rat. i look forward to seeing the next episode, and finding out what is really going on in his world. Keep up the good work!!!

I think It's a very beautiful work. It's up to the viewer to find a meaning. Which is much more exciting.
I think the artwork and sound design is fantastic....
is it all done in flash, no after effects?

DannyBacchus responds:

In fact, the entire thing was animated in After Effects, with the exception of the rat that was drawn and animated in Flash.

Thanks for the review!

How this got on the front page is an issue i'll probably never grasp. I had so much hope for this... nevertheless 1.5 for what i percieve as effort. I still want to see episode 2, if only to give you the benifit of the doubt.

not completely sure of what went on in the video since i dont feel like he took the characteristics of a rat or learned any lesson from the rat either... so hopefully you clear some stuff in the next episode. I do understand that by your art style you probably will leave a large window open for us to make our own sense out of all of this. I love the tone you set and will definitely check out episode 2 because i am intrigued. Keep it up

Ok, you got the whole Salad Fingers environment going on, but wtf was the point of this? There is nothing happening in this. You had no story and not enough interaction to really explanation as to why any of us should watch episode two.

Your caption is "begins his pursuit of futility and learns his first lesson." Well, you didn't really show futility unless you meant the animation as a whole is futile. Then you say he learns his first lesson... which was what? That he apparently can't die?