Pico Party Mayhem

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Athlete 10 Points

Come 1st place on Big Brown Bary's Death Chase

FBI Destructor 10 Points

Come 1st place on Alien Hominid's FBI Shootout

Maniac 10 Points

Come 1st place on Dad's Chainsaw Carnage

Author Comments

Happy Pico Day 2012!
Thanks for the frontpage!
And most of all, thanks for making this game 3rd place for Pico Day 2012!

This game is a collection of three minigames featuring Pico,
Nene, Darnell and the Uberkid.

- - - UPDATES - - -
- Just fixed the 'back' button glitch on the 1st minigame.
- Medals have been added!


While I do have to admit, I sort of enjoyed the games, I just couldn't help but find the games to be very frustrating and broken. First of all, the shooting game, how is it possible for the CPU to shoot at 3 enemies at the same time? No matter how many times I've played the game, I just can't seem to win, and though I may have bad accuracy, still doesn't change the fact that the CPU is practically cheating. Then there's the chainsaw game. The controls are too stiff and spastic for my taste. On top of that, you have to be exactly precise to chainsaw any of the kids, which I find to be just ridiculous. I was practically standing next to the kid, and it took me 5 tries to chop him off. Again, can't seem to win at that game either. The dash is much too stiff too. It would help at least if you were able to move AND chainsaw at the same time. As for the last game, which was perhaps the only game I had a chance at winning, it was decent. My only complain is the slippery movement, but other than that, not much to say about the last game.

You have potential to make great mini-games, and I can clearly see that from what I've played. But fix the CPU's AI, make the games less frustrating, and perhaps add some sort of difficulty setting? Doesn't seem fair for new players to get stressed from the get-go.

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Spudzy responds:


Like other people are saying the Chainsaw and Running game were fun but the FBI shooting was bugged I found it annoying that the npcs won because they can shoot 4 guys at the same time. But the other minigames were fine.

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I liked the chainsaw and running game. But in all honesty fuck that shooting game. Because how can the computer shoot 4 guys at the same time? That's just bullshit, and seemingly lazy programming on your part. I was leading by around 5 points, and NENE magically shot 4 guys at once and picked up 75 points. I mean seriously man? Just because it's a tribute to Pico, doesn't mean you can intentionally screw with lazy programming and cheating AI. Just fix that one minigame, and you'll have a sweet game here.

Oh, I noticed a bug in the chainsaw minigame, where if two people tie for first and you place under them in third (by like one kill) the game awards you the winner. A strange, but yet funny glitch.

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Spudzy responds:

Damn son.

fy best game!! XD

Really nice tribute. The FBI shootout is way to laggy and I noticed that the other player can shoot 3-4 enemies at once! It's the only bug I found.

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3.47 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2012
9:39 AM EDT
Action - Other