Game Facts: Gears of War

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Had a good time making this one. Not that I dislike Gears or anything but when I play it I can't seem to take my eyes off of everyones neck. Is it neccessary for them to be jacked up just to fit into the testostrone fuled narrrative? Maybe. But whatever. Cartoons!



It'd have been funny if the Scorpion tank f(from halo) cam in and blew his tank up when he started talking about his own tank.

wow.. I have a raging boner... this must mean the enemy is near.

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Was good, but I see a lot of guys doing this. They'll bash a man for being a man simply because they're jealous. Who doesn't want to be loaded with confidence? Look great? Get all the girls you want? Men who aren't simply attack those who are with wit because.. hey, why not bring them down instead of pulling yourself up? Its easier right?

Today a lot of youth are all about ponies.. then they go bash men for being tough, they're "tough" because that is how they are. Not enjoying a kids colorful show doesn't make them less of a man or insecure.

Its good to see games actually portray men as tough, strong, confident. With todays movies, games, its mostly Women who are the strong smart ones and men are the bumbling idiots who can't lift a finger and always second guess themselves.

ok this marcus rminds me of bill doutrive (i cant fucking spell his name) from king of the hill

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This is one of the greatest parodies of gears of war to date... Sorry Egoraptor, this one beats yours, but not by much.

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Apr 28, 2012
9:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody