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Had a good time making this one. Not that I dislike Gears or anything but when I play it I can't seem to take my eyes off of everyones neck. Is it neccessary for them to be jacked up just to fit into the testostrone fuled narrrative? Maybe. But whatever. Cartoons!



I have not played the Gears Of War game, but I still found this to be funny. I can see why some people are a tad mad at you about this. It's just that in terms of what makes a good game, I honestly don't think character development should be that big a deal. It's a game, not a movie. Of course, movies based on video games are mostly bad anyway. The animation was as fantastic as ever.

I do think that it's less confusing when you name something Gears Of War plus the number. I like how the voice is so gruff and stupid sounding in this. I should have expected there to be a penis of some kind involved in this. Not that you're known for it, we're all known for it! This is the Internet, after all.

I keep staring at those round blue things on his chest...

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I guess the whole marketing strategy for the game was based on overly manliness. Some guys get hard-ons for stuff like that.

Been a fan of your work for awhile. This video is no exception. You had a well-defined idea with a good joke in mind, and you certainly ran with it. The only issue I have is that you may have beaten it into the ground a little bit. That being said, great animation, and I love your sense of humor!

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My 5 went to it after he said "big tires + loud engines = penis". Wish I could download it and show it off.

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Apr 28, 2012
9:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody