Zombie Babe Pool

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easy challenge complete 5 Points

win first 6 level

first win 5 Points

win first level

my site 5 Points

visit developer website

medium level complete 10 Points

win 12 level

hard level complete 25 Points

win 18 level

all level complete 50 Points

all level complete

excellent score 100 Points

get 3000 or more point on a level

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

a simple but cool zombie pool game with an addicting rule


Not bad. It taught me that I'm not good at pool.

Three complaints:

1. Graphics aren't that impressive.

2. Bieber jokes are overdone by this point.

3. With the exception of the clickbait image, there were no actual babes in this game.

Amusing game

Some decent things about this game like this and that, and the game mechanics work OK, So as I start out here it has some

interesting aspects about it. OK first off im not a fan of bieber games but it was ok, I like the options of medals in the game, and I noticed the "WHITE" text instructions over the "GRAINY" back rounds make it too hard to see, So you may want to change that up. The idea of this game is simple and it shows you have put some design and effort into it and that kept the fun factor up. maybe adding some trick shots would be fun. The game was actually decently fun to play for a few minutes, I didn't get very far but the short accomplishments I could do in the game was quite fun

There is a lot I can try and help with, quality and attention but detail is key in these kinds of flashes, But I do believe I can help with a few ideas. noticed the "WHITE" text instructions over the "GRAINY" back rounds make it too hard to see, So you may want to change that up. Maybe adding some sort of trick shot option would help improve on the fun factor.


I don't see why this has such a bad score. It's essentially a so-so pool game. It's decently fun.

u have to sink all the heads(even the cue ball) to get the secret medal

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Ok... I hate this game...

It's called "Zombie Babe Pool"... where are the f****** babes besides the main menu and the level select? There's nothing else...

Then, it's really hard to see the "Retry" and "Menu" buttons in game... You certainly didn't thinked about that, but it's barely visible, and it's a serious problem.

The music is also annoying! Why can't we stop the music?

You got other games, and this one is a recent one... and maybe one of the worst seriously (I didn't tried your other games, but I think you made something better...)

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Credits & Info

1.84 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2012
7:55 AM EDT
Skill - Toss