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ZTV News Episode 1

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On ZTV News, ZONE-tan, the mascot for ZONE-Archive responds to feedback and gives news updates for the website.

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wow this is absolutely hilarious although I have no idea of what some of the things they are talking about are.
except bronies. I know what they are (unfortunately).
this has some really great animation and voice acting.
this actually turned out to be almost exactly like a news show (except for the parts that where hilarious)
5 stars for being well made, well done and very funny.

Also, I agree, get your damn pronunciation right people!

Funny and infromative as it was intended to be, I don't understand why all the hate assuming this was for a bunch of horny kids, hell if anyone watched the preview they knew it was simply a form of updating viewers and yes some of them just happen to be horny

Overall, decent news, but surprised not much creativity is going out there, especially when it seems you're almost scraping the bucket there, Zone. Hope the fanbase will get their heads out of their arse and think of something more constructive then "pony porn". At least we got a heads up of a new project coming in (Cowboy Bepop at that, too! XD) Hopefully we'll hear more, thanks for the heads up, Zone.

just on Off-topic:
MetalTako, some of these users who reviewed and rated this was because of the format, not for 'comedy' or 'horniness' though I won't doubt, there probably is a lot of kids out there who probably gave it a 100% because it has ZONE on it. That said, it's not supposed to make you laugh (maybe chuckle or smirk) but the idea was to give you a heads up on the matter on what's happening around the fanbase.

Awesome, also I just want to make sure that everyone screaming about what Zone is realizes that Zone is a group of people, not an individual, so yeah it's probably both a dude and a dudette, a few of each to be specific...

too funny i enjoyed every second of it and it was quite imformitive on upcoming projects.

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4.23 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2012
5:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature April 28, 2012
  • Weekly 2nd Place May 2, 2012