Angry Biker-3D Dirt Bike

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Angry Biker is not just another dirt bike physic game. The game is more focus on skills than just speed and few flip in the air. Angry Biker is aiming at challenging player's skill in control the bike under various road condition, over the tires, seesaw and moving platform.
Most of the level are short to medium length, but the tempo are not a fast page racing from begin to the end. A rather slow down here and speed up there to ride through a full loop.

The game base on a real dirt bike physic and that help bring a lot of challenge and also enjoyment while playing the game.


wow..this game is great...Finally i can use my pc 3d feature to play this game. Nice graphic after using my 3d glass to play this game ..


First I have to say. Yes. This isn't just another dirt bike physics game. It is in-fact actually quite good. The physics were pretty good. The graphics were pretty cool. The concept was pretty weird. I really liked the game in general. It did however have some down falls:

1. The pigs slow you down. This may be intentional, but it makes some areas difficult to reach without a second run at it (the parts where you are running upside down on centripetal force).

2. In the last level the engine started making a second revving sound that didn't fit the bike or the game, but I didn't notice it until then.

3. Though I can understand you want people to visit your site consider that people will visit based on the merit of the game alone. The extended pause between levels did not make me want to visit your site. Indeed it almost made me quit the game before I got into it. It is a fun game, if you be a jerk to try and get visitors than people will assume you are a jerk and not want to visit. Dig?

4. Ok, not that I have anything against exploding pigs. Indeed I thought that was weird and fun. But there is not explanation in the game. What is with the pigs?

5. Last in the list. Angry biker. Really doesn't seem to fit the game (yes, even with the exploding pigs). It looks like a scrawny red-neck (no offence to anyone) kid to me. And in the art in the game he looks more freaked out than angry. Just saying.

Overall it was really a pretty fun game. I may even play it again. Indeed I am giving the game itself 5/5 and 4/5 stars (1/2 star off for the annoying wait). Thing is I generally hate this type of game because generally they are all the same. Hats off to you for actually bringing something new and good to the table.

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Funfastgame responds:

Thank for a detail review, and your appreciation for the game uniqueness.

i love it,great fun for all ages,one thing i dont like personally is when hitting the pigs it causes you to slow down an that could be bad on those long climbs but other then that 5/5 keep up with the great work

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Funfastgame responds:

Thank for your great review. THe pig there sometime does slow you down on the long climb, but most level it were there to help you stop at the right place.

Cant rate it if it wont load...

Funfastgame responds:

It load at our end fine. May be you could try it again since it is a fresh upload to NG.

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3.09 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2012
3:42 PM EDT
Sports - Racing