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Zombie Mania

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Just getting started 5 Points

Beat the first wave

Defeat Boss 1 25 Points

Beat the first Boss

Defeat Boss 2 25 Points

Beat the second Boss

Defeat Boss 3 25 Points

Beat the third boss

Unlock the Dual Uzis 25 Points

Purchase the Dual Uzis in the store.

Defeat Boss 4 50 Points

Beat the fourth boss

Defeat Boss 5 50 Points

Beat the fifth boss

Unlock the Dual Magnums 50 Points

Purchase the Dual Magnum gun in the store

Mission accomplished! 100 Points

Beat the sixth and final boss

Unlock the Dual Miniguns 100 Points

Buy the Dual Miniguns in the store

Author Comments

Use the arrows or AWSD keys to control your character. Use the mouse to aim and fire. Press P to pause and M to mute the game. Use the number keys (1-8) or scroll your mouse to switch weapons.

There are 30 waves in total with 6 unique bosses and a total of 15 upgrades each for all 8 guns. Fight zombies accross 6 different stages with a total of 9 unique settings spanned across grasslands, cities, factories, and laboratories.In addition to this there are number of power ups unlocked by getting a large combo (by killing zombies quickly without losing pace). These include 2x gold, 2x power, 2x speed, and bonus gold.

Retro inspired pixel art graphics were used to give the game a slick and unique feel. The graphics are entirely original and includes a huge amount of content in terms of backgrounds, barricades, zombies, bosses, and a variety of armors for the main characters in addition to the games unique interface.


simple and a nice time sink. the upgrade system was rly easy to work with, but overall got very easy and faceroll too quickly, would love to see different mechanics in the weapons and enemies, bosses at the very least.

Decent game. :)

This game is fun but far from perfect. The bosses are basically the same guy with a different skin and they all behave the same way, by charging head on straight towards you. The controls were precise and the merchant system is easy to use. The biggest challenge with this game is neither the zombies or the boss monsters, its the lag. In later levels the amount of lag causes the player to lose control of the character and usually ends up walking straight into the horde of zombies. The lag is similar to that of The Legend of Zelda for the NES when there were too many enemies on the screen. Other than the lag I noticed that the "P" key does not always bring up the pause menu. All in all this is a very decent game and it is definitely worth playing.

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All in all a nice and pretty game.
Two points, that could be improved:
1. If I turn of the sound, it only mutes the music, but not the sound of the guns - if I'm shooting with full-speed minigun, the hammering sound is almost gonna kill my speakers.
2. It would be really nice, if you could set the angle of dual guns, perhaps between 0° and 45°. If you want to shoot a boss with dual guns, you either have to get so close, that he can hit you as well, or you can better use the normal gun, cause the second gun will shoot far away from him.

Quite entertaining, but way too easy IMO,since fully upgraded weapons got unlimited ammo plus no reload time.
Also, combos bonuses are too easy to get.
I suggest you to make the game more difficult in general, or add "hard" or "expert" mode.
Graphics and weapons are good, maybe add some new weapons instead of "double".
4 stars -1 for the lack of difficulty = 3

Sorry if my English is bad, I'm French.

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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2012
12:53 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 5th Place April 27, 2012