Zombie Mania

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Just getting started 5 Points

Beat the first wave

Defeat Boss 1 25 Points

Beat the first Boss

Defeat Boss 2 25 Points

Beat the second Boss

Defeat Boss 3 25 Points

Beat the third boss

Unlock the Dual Uzis 25 Points

Purchase the Dual Uzis in the store.

Defeat Boss 4 50 Points

Beat the fourth boss

Defeat Boss 5 50 Points

Beat the fifth boss

Unlock the Dual Magnums 50 Points

Purchase the Dual Magnum gun in the store

Mission accomplished! 100 Points

Beat the sixth and final boss

Unlock the Dual Miniguns 100 Points

Buy the Dual Miniguns in the store

Author Comments

Use the arrows or AWSD keys to control your character. Use the mouse to aim and fire. Press P to pause and M to mute the game. Use the number keys (1-8) or scroll your mouse to switch weapons.

There are 30 waves in total with 6 unique bosses and a total of 15 upgrades each for all 8 guns. Fight zombies accross 6 different stages with a total of 9 unique settings spanned across grasslands, cities, factories, and laboratories.In addition to this there are number of power ups unlocked by getting a large combo (by killing zombies quickly without losing pace). These include 2x gold, 2x power, 2x speed, and bonus gold.

Retro inspired pixel art graphics were used to give the game a slick and unique feel. The graphics are entirely original and includes a huge amount of content in terms of backgrounds, barricades, zombies, bosses, and a variety of armors for the main characters in addition to the games unique interface.


Wow... I can not believe I just sat through ALL that. This game was dogshit, why ? 3 reasons. The graphics are horrible, even in high quality. The game is SUPER LAGGY, my computer has the highest quality internet avilible today, and it was still running at 26 fps, if I was lucky. Lastly, the contols, THIS WAS BY FAR THE WORST ASPECT OF THEM ALL, the controls are horrible, not the buttons you presss, but the reactions you get, I often find my character being unable to switch weapons, and running agianst a wall like an idiot. This game, if I can call it that, was HORRIBLE, but i've played worse online games believe it or not.

Not a bad game, but its EXTREMLY repeatative and gets rather tedious once you have everything, the bosses are just the same, different coloured, then upgraded stats, it's just your run-of-the-middle Zombie-shoot'em up.

The Combo system is glitched with the upgrades, I had 2x speed forever which annoyed me because it just ruined the fun...

Final aspect: Only play if you're bored, but meh...good guns, bad system, too easy, repatative...

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I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW i got up to lvl 30 FN LVL 30 ! and i died ALL FIVE TIMES beacause of the STICKY KEYS ! please fix this or i will explode.

Dang it! I really have to stop playing all these dang games that I get addicted to so easily! What was amazing about this game was how there was simply a neverending army of enemies coming after you! I thought I had my work cut out for me with the first couple of bosses. I loved how all of the enemies had a really good design and they stood out so well. The sound effects were fantastic too. The only level I have not been able to beat is of course the final level.

At least I managed to get some good hits in. That boss is easily the hardest because he could strike back at you from a distance. That reminds me of that song. I love killing zombies and it was great fun to see this infinite carnage of enemies coming towards you! I love how you have numerous lives left. It is truly an experience that you have to play to fully understand and appreciate.

OMFG! This game would be fun if you didn't have a limited amout of dies!

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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2012
12:53 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 5th Place April 27, 2012