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The Ball Quest:The Rescue

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The ball's best friend,Rotund,got kidnapped by an UFO,when he was rolling on the grounds,now you must run through 10 stages and save he from the UFO menance.

How to Play:
WASD do everything,but if you doesn't understand...
S:Does nothing e.e

If you can,collect all coins,without dying,if the character dies,the score multiplier will go to 0.

A short game for you,now i think that i'll be back at game creation,using TGF2 NG,just for fun,until i not learn how to make games on XNA.
So,i'll make some games and post them here,but at least,in this game,i made use of the sounds,but about the music,i can't add one,if i don't have a musician or something else,but i'll see that later.

Update 1
*Added link to the Dev Blog.
*Fixed some glitches on the moving brick stage
*Added an alert to the final boss,before he uses the mega attack.

Update 2
*Made a Better intro,and Better ending,with a short credit.
*Added some boom bang sounds on some stages.
*A few other changes(i forgot)

Update 3
*Removed the Jump,Falling and Bouncing animations,for a better good.

Update 4
*Better Boss Fight
*Rotund now appear on the stage 10,and escape too.
*I forgot

Update 5
*Added the 1P tag,on each stage that is able to leave the map,on the top,to let you know where your character are.

Update 6
*Seizure proof update(i hope),coins animation removed.


Warning: Coins may cause seizures.

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nakano15 responds:

Woops,i'll fix it.

I wanted to be able to play this, but the movement is too frustrating. If I try to jump up onto a ledge, but I start next to a wall, the ball squishes and jumps, but won't move forwards. I would definitely play this again once the jumping bug is fixed. I only made it to the third level before I died and had to start all over. This game would be a lot more satisfying if you added a level select, and removed the three-life system. You could take away points for each time we die in a level, so that the scoreboard remains a challenge. This game has potential, I like the story and graphics, except for the way the coins flicker. That quickly became very annoying and distracting.

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nakano15 responds:


My ball got stuck in a block on my 3rd attempt. Balls find it difficult to move when up against the side. Good game, but unplayable if the ball will continue to get stuck.

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nakano15 responds:


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Credits & Info

2.23 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2012
12:21 AM EDT
Adventure - Other