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EDIT - 06-03-2008:
WOW, finally I managed to retrieve my password, havn't been able to log in for years!, the recover password never worked for me. I'm editing some of my movies with this info to tell you all my site is now www.retrogaming4ever.org, AND Kung Fu 4 will not be completed as the source is long gone :(. I have recently started with Flash again and are only into programming games now, still a noob, I know the basics but it's enough to make some cool games, just need to be a little clever :). There is an updated version of Kung Fu - Remix on my site, I do not bother to upload it here. The site needs updates and some links and stuff might not work... donno when I'll do it :). A lot of my time I spend on www.RecordedAmigaGames.or g.
There are still some sound and sprite glitches and other shit left to correct... But hey! no movie is perfect. I didn't want to wait anymore.

I made the characters walk a bit slower than they do in the game and changed the position and size of the dialogues. You who have played this game knows what I talk about. The dialogues when people talked where allways located on the top right corner no matter where the talker stood and it was allways in the same size. I mean if someone said just, "Greetings", the dialogue was still big enough to fit 20 words. I have made the dialogues the same size as the text and positioned them on top of the character that talks.

Mostly I use to make the movies as accurate to the game as possible, but this time I had to change some stuff.

Enough... Hope you like it :)


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Outstanding very good and funny.

This Kung F.u. Flash Movie was awesome. I liked how you made the guy be put in to ZeldaII. That was awesome I was very funny as well. You did a awesome job. I hope you make part four soon.

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I loved your previous two Kung Fu movies. I Give you a 10 in graphics mainly because I'm a big fan of sprite flashs. The sound was enjoyable so I gave that an 8. Style 7 because of overall originality, though it lacked in comparison to the other two you made.

My main problem was with the raping scene. I don't understand why that is funny at ALL. This reason alone gives it a violence rating of 6, humor rating of 2, and OVERALL rating of 4. This was the only thing that kept it from being enjoyable.

Your other two Kung Fu flashs were GOLD. Pure GOLD. But this one was barely steel. Admittedly, I enjoyed it rather well. But that one scene keeps it from being anything more than mediocre dirty humor. Try more tasteful humor next time.


Link is dead! Well, so is Tom, but still, make the sequal!

thats so funny

make more please! make more please! (it is so funny! lollollol'o')

Its just as good as the 2nd but with a twist

lol this was more humorous than the last, I liked how it rolled into the Links Adventure game, and how it eded with metroid, I wonder where it will go from here? hmmm...

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3.96 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2002
1:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 2nd Place August 7, 2002