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A classic dating sim made 15 years ago.

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I played this game 10 years ago , and replayed it now , seeing all the added features and playing it again gave me a lot of joy , Thanks man ,This game was a nice part of my Teenage life ! :D

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sim-man responds:

Thank you please check out my latest works too I am sure you will like them. Support from you guys keep me working.

Great game! especially the ending!!

sim-man responds:

which one ?

After 10 years the project is completed! I was around since version 1.1
How much it's expanded since then.

Each subsequent version was different and unique in and of itself. In one version you could fight SimMan himself.

The most recent addition was the Model Manager feature, which shows me I am absolute crap as a modeling manager.

Contrary to what has been said the save feature works for me, but if you delete your temp files or do not allow Newgrounds to save files via a small popup window you may receive, you will lose your save/not be able to save.

I dislike that the social media code is obtained by artificially increasing your site traffic. Not that you don't deserve it, but it's a "gotcha" and people are really put off by that sort of thing.

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thank god finally i manage to get every hidden scenes, all endings and even every options available after 20 hours! few hours are wasted because i played the beta one so only ami ending available.
this game (including dna and all those beta versions) was with me since i am primary! this game is so amazing and it makes me addicted to it. THANKYOU simman

sim-man responds:

Thank you too. I hope you will also enjoy Simgirls 2 that I am currently working on.

OMG it's the first game i played with my old friend at the first time i visit his home, and the first adult game and the first hentai game i've ever played in my life,
back then i don't even know i can jerk off to these things.
5/5 i've enjoyed the game and recalled some old memories
i love everything in this game, so i just point out some mistakes in simgirls1, i wish you will make a better simgirls2

bad thing:
1. you gave too much hints in the game
2.save,load is too conveninent
3.random function is not quite random (if not mistaken it should be flash problem, i've experienced similar problems in other game)
4.if played correctly, you just wait for the game to pass in the last half of the game.
5.i dont know but the stragegy "upgrade everything to full stats before doing everything" seems to apply in EVERYTHING in this game, which makes model competition,fighting,swimming and exam too easy. Maybe it makes perfect sense but if it does, then the problem would be time, you've more than enough time to gain full stats of something before you MUST take part in the corresponding event, which makes the game involves zero risk management and it does make it less satisfying if you succeed.

sim-man responds:

I did simplify the game on purpose for more casual gamers to allow them to make mistakes and still be able to enjoy all the scenes. In the next game I will make a difficulty level. Btw I hate the random function in flash too. It doesn't seem very random to me.

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4.49 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2012
6:37 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating
  • Daily Feature April 27, 2012