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A classic dating sim made 15 years ago.

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Your game is a inspiration to me. I'm looking forward to your second simgirls game.
Amy reminds me of my friend. She is shy but cute. Kotomi is ok.Karin is my favourite character.
Do you have your favourite character from the game?
I've played all versions of this game.The full versions rocks. All in one. I know,this game is for ages 17+ but I've played it when i was 12...hehe
Tomoko is hot but too sluty. I like the game events,the text is ok and the personality of each character is great. I think it will be hard for you to make simgirls 2 better than this game because this game is too good.Wish you luck ...........

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sim-man responds:

It's inevitable that someone will like this game better than the next. Everyone has different preferences but I will try to at least make SG2 enjoyable for most.

No need to even think, I'm giving this a 5 star already xD! I played the old verisons... They were fantastic! I love the story, however I was disappointed that there was only one ending ... UNTIL NOW :D!

sim-man responds:

Make sure you see all five endings this time.

I shall name my son; testbug

Haha, but seriously; This was great. I'm giving this full credit was something I played in my teenage years and enjoyed, though frustrated it was incomplete. For someone to go back, take an old project like this and then still work on it, complete it and then release it back to the fans, that's dedication. So all in all, respect.

However, with all that being said, this game is still very limited. On the surface; I understand the game is dated, and because of that so is the art. But it would be SO much better if the art was improved upon significantly. I see you are already addressing this issue with your upcoming game Lovemore, which I did look over and must say am looking forward to, and hopefully get to play it. The concept art looks very good, very promising. Other than that, there were a few grammatical and English errors here and there. Not a HUGE problem, but if you are really trying to go for a (somewhat) serious vibe here, and even inspire emotion/feelings, such little errors can take a player right out of it. (Though it could be funny sometimes; "Ryuji: I must revenge!" I was laughing so hard, all I read/heard was a Japanese man yelling "I must REVENGE!!!!! XD ) I would just suggest looking over it a couple of times, maybe hire/recruit a capable translator if you need it. (I am unaware where your organization/team is based, apologies.) So other than that I would recommend the addition a music, preferably a few varied tracks (possibly one's that the play can choose from) and noises for appropriate moments and scenes, and I would suggest(better) animations as well, it would be amazing to have your next game to have really well made sex scenes (or other scenes animated if possible).
But all that is the superficial stuff. It's really nice to have and improves the experience, but if you are looking to make an experience, you need to have (quality) content. My main issue with this game is that at times it feels empty/meaningless. There would be moments where the writing was good, and it pulled me into the game/story (or a sex scene turns me on because it was written well), but then either the writing fails, or more crucially, I have a lack of choice in the matter. For example, after the modeling competition on day 98, your girlfriend(s) get drugged and all have sex with "SimMan". It actually bothered me that I couldn't stop it, take the attention, or even kick his ass/fight him. I'm supposed to care for these girls and I just stand there and let that happen? Having more choice and interaction would have made this into an even greater game, adding onto the experience. I think it was attempted with Tomoko's Birthday Scene, where the player has to make the choice of either having her as just some sex thing or really going for that "True Love" scenario with her, but the experience was 2D and felt fulfilling. This game is a HUGE improvement over the previous one, and for that we thank you. It's just there is so much more that it could be/you could create. Complicated relationships and interaction between all the characters (including the Player) make the experience. You've made strides toward that in this update but I can see you doing so much more!
Lastly; feedback. The game lacks it. You added a few guides to it (like Ami explaining dates and what not) and even task explanations here and there, but the game still can be convoluted and sometimes gives no feedback at all. Just something you should look into.

Now just to finish off; I wanted to point out that I understand that this was a salvage of a pretty old and indie game. A free internet one at that. My critique is less focused on this game in particular, but more so on the project you are working on now. As I've said it looks promising and I wanted to add a little of my opinion in hopes of helping somehow. Story is a lil weak in the part where the super mega playboy Player goes and screws the world bearing 100s of children, but I guess that makes sense for the “Ultimate Ending” in this game. I hope you can create a rich story, or if nothing else; a really fun game to play!
Again, thank you for making this and I wish you luck and success!

Dennis D.

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sim-man responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write the review. The next game Simgirls Lovemore will be professionally polished for sure.





sim-man responds:

I am planning on doing Simgirls 2, but all characters and stories will be original.

Any chance to get this game free? Here where i live, we are not well economically and this get imposible to buy this game, and i love it, cheers
sorry for english

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Apr 25, 2012
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Simulation - Dating
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