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A classic dating sim made 15 years ago.

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Please do not ever attempt to make a game again.. it took you 10 long years to finish this piece of shit game.. Now that i look back on it childhood ruined because of your product.. I am usually very optimistic and give high ratings.. but what you accomplished is next to nothing in the negative..i hated every hour i spent on this game.. gtfo shithead

I'm very displeased with this steaming piece of crap you to finally released.. you made some minor improvements added some mini games... yet you don't deserve the praise people give you for it.. you should have abandoned your concepts and locked em away.. far far away.

up yours,


sim-man responds:

I recommend you not to write any review again. You didn't say anything in a contributing manner. You are just bitching repeatedly and fail to deliver any substance in your review. At the end I just know you are not happy after reading your two paragraphs. Try leaving your miserable childhood behind please, as I assume that you are now a grown-up.

The game is nice but losing the saved game once you close browser is a big flaw. You should include in the author comment that the full offline version is not free, yes you can download and install for free but when you go to play it it requires a unlock code only given upon purchase, otherwise I would of given 5 star. You dont say a price so people head over top get the game thinking its free on newgropunds then its free there as well.

I named my character Buttsmell. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

On a slightly unrelated note, this game needs serious improvements. The dialogue is not as great as it could be (as in it was like watching Saturday cartoons), and the events are too rushed and too random. Plus the fact that I'm pretty sure you can't make someone smart by manipulating their DNA, seeing as that only determines which things grow what way. The changes would barely even come into effect at Buttsmell's age. The only real way you could even pull that off is if you gave someone the opposite of a lobotomy, and adding grey matter to one's own brain would not be possible given the volume of the human skull.

All in all, the game is a bit cardboard for my liking, but it's still hilarious to know that someone was terrible enough to be Buttsmell's childhood friend. If you want to build up on your plot/dialogue making ability, I suggest reading some fanfics. There are a lot of good authors out there, and it would be perfect for learning how to better your dialogue and story.

sim-man responds:

One star for what ?

I adore this game, and have for years. However, BEWARE downloading from the blackspears website; for the game content comes with the ever so lovely "MYWEBSEARCH"/"VISUALBEE" pup/virus. (Have yet to figure out whether it's a virus or just a pup). Either way, pup's are a huge hassle. Now in the process of having to wipe my computer to rid visual bee. Not even Revo can remove it. This makes me very upset that blackspear would equip their file with something like this. Can you please clean the download? (Or is it intentional?) Either way, INSTALLERS, BEWARE. I'd trade the save feature (which with install is outdated, anyway) for the pup. Much love, Alice.

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sim-man responds:

I am so sorry to hear about that. If this's true I believe it's a hacker's job. I will try my best to fix this soon.

If you're on a touch pad and aren't using a mouse forget about this game. If you really must, level strength to 200 first and fight the second boxer in the pub. If you can't get past him because of the clicking and moving you can't beat the game.

sim-man responds:

when the game built 11 years ago there were no touch pad... yea it's a bit out dated.

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4.49 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2012
6:37 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating
  • Daily Feature April 27, 2012