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A classic dating sim made 15 years ago.

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I'm giving this game 2 stars because I played it for 3 hours before coming to the swim contest and experiencing probably the WORST lag I have ever seen in a game period, I had collected everything in the game so far, but I needed the trophy to complete the game, but this lag makes the swim race unplayable! Other than that, the game was good with the improvements, but to play for that long and be forced to quit because of game problems was unbelievably frustrating and makes me never want to play a game created by this author.

The game is okay but the randomizing system is so trash. I spent two whole weeks trying to find out Tomokos favourite position because anytime I would ask her anything she would just keep telling me her locker number and what she thought was the most attractive part on a guy.. so i decided to take her on a date and try to just wing it since I literally had every other answer but the date she just wanted to ask what her favourite position is.. wasted over $1,500 because I took her to blue mountain three times just so she can ask something she's never told me. It totally messed up my game flow and also can you please fix the swim lag, I struggle to win against Ryuji....... won't be purchasing Roseberry until this one is better.

So what's the difference between this version and the 6.6 version? I see that this one was uploaded 10 years later...I'm asking because the other one is rated: A, whilst this one is rated: M....I'm just wondering if I'd be missing anything by playing this version.

P.S. from what I've seen I've been really impressed, I look forward to trying this out and might purchase Rosebery as a result

Incredibly compelling.

Hey Mr. Sim-man, if someone wanted to do an interview with you about Simgirls, What would be you preferred medium of doing such an interview?

I love this game, I have played through it multiple times now. I love that there are multiple endings and hidden content throughout. Sim-man's newest game Lovemore is even better, the animations are amazing, and the game is alot more immersive. I'd highly recommend Lovemore if you enjoyed this. Feel free to use my code "s1QQoBaK7iDKupUo" to get discounts at the "black market" in-game on Lovemore