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A classic dating sim made 15 years ago.

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Great game, but Im stuck near the beginning, After I talk to everyone in the main hall and the classroom, am I supposed to leave the school or...what?

sim-man responds:

yes just click the "exit" sign and leave

i havnt left the screen in a while i cant get out of tomoko mini game how do i

sim-man responds:

I can't remember but press space or x,it was written at corner of the screen.

The game is amazing however i cant seem to get the perfume, i have tryed everything.

sim-man responds:

Don't trust those guides online. Ask Ami @ school for accurate info.

Great game. Very in-depth and fun :)

Here are some tips if you're stuck (aka what worked for me)
Be a criminal. Put all points into strength. Your cash-cow in early game will be drug dealing. You might get caught though, which is why you...
SAVE OFTEN. It's irritating to get caught in a drug deal or to waste 20 energy to ask a girl out on a date and you pick the wrong day.
Max out strength ASAP (hell, you can reset if you ever get a bad increase when you train), that way you can have the most money.

Here's a fool-proof way to successfully manage your model career, with very little luck needed.

First, max out all of the girls' stats. If you need more money, deal drugs.
Second, make everyone spread rumors (get her fans to ZERO, she won't be able to steal any fans if she's at zero).
Then, just job job job, and whenever she generates fans from thin air, either seduce them over, or just spread rumors.

When you get to ~14k fans, just wish your way to 30k. Also, if you're at 10k+ and she's at 2k, she likely won't be able to seduce many fans from you, but you don't want her to seduce any at all.

Note that fans reset to 30k at the end of the day... so if you manage to have a crapload of fans before day's end... job it up! I got 10k fans/money with one job, because i had over 100k fans from lucky wishes. It reset at the end of the day, but the money doesn't. So take advantage of the game mechanics.

Other than that, make sure you always pick the perverted answers during special events (raises girls' H levels all the way) and be sure to save BEFORE you sleep, in case there's an event in the morning. Just experiment and have fun, and for the trivia questions for the girls, just look up their stats online (they're there somewhere!)

Have fun, the ending(s) is worth it!

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sim-man responds:

Great stuff short and sweet! For those who don't want to use the SAVE and LOAD method, try to get the accessories (magazines, glasses) asap and tutoring can still generate handsome money with little energy consumption. You still have 30 left after two rounds of tutoring. For the playful route money is the biggest concern, but you can win the girls faster: spending less money and get the same result.

Super game

sim-man responds:

thanks I hope you will also like simgirls 2 that we are working on

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Apr 25, 2012
6:37 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating
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