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A classic dating sim made 15 years ago.

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If you rise your charm up all the way or name yourself testbug...YOU CAN GET TOMOKO SO FAST! I swear it was a little too easy.

sim-man responds:

yes but there are a lot more to do in the game than just getting tomoko now. By the way the trailer of the new Simgirls Lovemore game is up at blackspears.com

LOVE IT! I was able to get the ultimate ending. Fair warning to all wanting to get the fending, if the Hentia for them all is 100%, it gets really dark and sort of disturbing. Like our otaku fantasies. ANYWAY, great game 9.9/10, but 5/5. The point is lost due to the sounds being a waste, with the only purpose is to hear calls. Oh well still amazing!

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sim-man responds:

Thanks for playing. I hope you will like the next game Simgirls Lovemore. For more info please see blackspears.com

I played the earlier versions of this game in my late teenage years,and to be honest, I was kinda overjoyed when I found out that the full version was out. Great story, tons of highly enjoyable hidden scenes, as well as very nice and detailed expansions to the relationships (what would Ami feel if I go for Karin? What would Karin feel if I failed to find her? If I go for Tomoko or Kotomi, won't Karin be sad cuz she won't see me again?) Well, a perfectionist I am, I actually got most of the possible endings in one playthrough. In short, this game did not disappoint.

However, there are still times that I still feel "something is kinda off" when playing the game. The overall writing is good, but there are times I just helplessly watch the girls fighting (it's hilarious though), or doing something else (the Sim Dude scene) when I don't even have the choice to interfere (or join in and have some fun too.) When I write this I instantly think of Mass Effect 2, where the commander Shepard can stop fights without taking sides if his Paragon/Renegade score is high enough. So, I just hope that future games will have more interactivity. I'm looking forward to Simgirls 2. :)

P/s My tips for players when fighting: Make sure you max out your strength EARLY in the game, just buy medicine x coffee and spam Hadouken by holding the S button, or just spam middle punches by holding the A button. The main guy will punch like a freaking machine gun!

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sim-man responds:

Points taken. I may change things in the new versions. For more updates please goto blackspears.com

hey.. i dont understand/... i need help ;/

sim-man responds:

hi please go to the school and ask Ami and she can provide most you need to know about the game.

MFG I remember this game from over 4 years ago and NOW it just got a full release? damn

sim-man responds:

It was first come out 12 years ago... the next one Simgirls Lovemore will come out early next year. For more info see blackspears.com

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4.49 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2012
6:37 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating
  • Daily Feature April 27, 2012