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Simgirls (Full Version)

rated 4.49 / 5 stars
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Simulation - Dating

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Apr 25, 2012 | 6:37 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 27, 2012

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The sequel is currently under development, you can watch the trailer and check out the latest updates of the series at:



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I replayed the game over the past few days.its outstanding.
being a technical person and writer,i would like to talk about Some technical aspects which are lacking and can be it goes:

a) Typos- the game has a whole lot of typos in almost all scenes and some of them ruins the mood,really. for instance "tomoko brushes (blushes)
player to ami in game show :- you look like a crown (clown).i had a hard time understanding certain words.

b) Lack of User Interface - almost all sunday events happen in fukoma high or downtown.
exams happen in school.
but still,why have you not given us freedom to visit those places and unlock theses events?
why does they pop -out forcefully?
that was very Irritaing to me,since i was planning to do something else first.

the same can be said about akira's reward scene in final exam.

please change that. and give us the freedom of viewing them when we want.

also there are lack of options in certain events.for instance,i am stuck with tomoko in game show,fire works and day 75.nothing happens even if i choose any other girl.
i need more options to choose from.

c) Inconsistency - throughout the game,the face,hairstyle and body of the player is inconsistent.
in some scenes,i am addressed as player,in some i am not.
when all dialogues in the whole game are in 1st person,whats the need to write "PLAYER" in my dialogues. No one is that stupid!

all 3 main girls (kotomi,karin and ami) except tomoko appear in same clothes and outfits multiple scenes..why is this discrimination?you could have atleast change the colors and designs to make the outfits look different

there are some broken features in the asking kotomi,her mini game,ryuji bugging the girls in school 3 times even after beaten up by me.

d) Too many missing links :- some of the mini games were simply pointless and have no connection with the game.
for instance,i failed to understand the purpose of car mini game,tomoko's dressing game and kotomi's mini game.
why arent they implemented within the story?

you could have made the girls absent to date in school and make us visit their homes,to play the games,to impress them and unlock the dating options.
also the girls sometimes could have insists players to take cars.

kotomi talks about ocean resturant,but there is no option to take her there.
she talks about visiting gym on sundays,again no option!

also how come Failing in exams dont affect the relationship of player with the girls,when 2 of them love intelligence (ami,kotomi)?
in real world,girls generally hate failure in the class.

tomoko and kotomi physically fights for me with each other,but how come their fight doesnt affect my relationship with them?
why dont they confront the player about 2 timing!?

also i figured that i could unlock the all girls ending,without unlocking the tomoko-kotomi side scenes.
i feel since all girls ending has so much lesbian in it,it should have been a mandatory to unlock those scenes.

e) Some scenes in the game looks forced and fails to match the gameplay

for instance,in my 1st play,i only increased my stats in the 1st 2 weeks.
but still,karin claimed me to be the mega-playboy.even ryuji beats me for fooling around with girls!!
these scenes should have been appeared according to the game play.

the same can be said about akira.she beats me in day2 but i could still defeat her in fighting,with minimum strength!!!
even after defeating her,i am afraid to touch her in x mas party!!!

f) Ami - i dont understand why cant i take her on actual date.
who told you that girls who are tomboy,shy and intelligent dont love attention or dont go in dates?!that is very silly.
i have dated tomboys and they are not like ami,Trust me.
also,why is her time machine story incomplete?
the most unrealistic thing is that her relationship changes from cls frnd to lover directly,just by completing time machine!!! :O

g) Imbalance- the purpose of increasing charm and strength to 300 is missing.300 charm could have been a requirement for asking a girl for sex after lover.
300 strength could be a requirement to fight the king of street fighters.
the fight club can be like a tournament which means a player need to fight akira to unlock next opponent and so on.
I would suggest to make akira,snake man and ryuji tougher to fight.I want more challenging fight.

there are 4 main characters,but the level of interaction with them is so imblalanced.
why cant i take kotomi to restuarant or space? i expected more photos of kotomi in her portfolio.
i wish the relationship level up scenes of kotomi were in depth.i wanted to see more sides of her character,like tomoko.

All 4 girls are required to play model manager,why only tomoko and karin fight for captaincy?
ami and kotomi should be involved in it too,specially when they are more useful in mm minigame and duel.

i expected to see hentai endings for karin and kotomi,but there are none.
also,the endings of kotomi and ami are pretty bad and involve tomoko and karin in them.why?cant you give them better ending?

h) Music- the music is good,but shouldnt be so repeatative.the same tune is used in all hidden scenes and east wing scenes.
the staring music doesnt go with any of the scenes or events inside the game.but it has been used in some endings and gravure idol contest.
why is it used inside the game?bring some variety in music.its not that difficult to find it on internet.or else,remove the same music from hidden scenes.

i) Calendar - school events ,contests ,downtown shows and holidays all written in same color in the calendar?they should have been marked using different colors.

j) Achivements- at the end,i wanted to see my achivements,items,money etc. and time spent in gameplay.that feature is missing.

Lastly,can you add some sex-related mini games in the girls houses which need to be unlocked?we can have sex with them through a game.that would be heavenly.

I hope you understand from my review that how much i enjoyed and REPLAYED your game.
If these changes can be made,the game will be the best.

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sim-man responds:

Thank you for the extensive review. I agree with some of the points. I am now working hard on the next game Simgirls Lovemore so I may not have the time to fix all these, but maybe I will come back to this later in the future :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yo, I got a glitch. I have over 125 knowledge but when I go to the theater on Saturday, it still says for me to come with the script written. Please fix it. Thanks.

sim-man responds:

I think you have 125 knowledge so that you are qualified to write the scripts, but it will take you another week to actually write it. Go back next Sat and you should be able to see new developments in the club.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i got mega playboy ending,bit took me whole year 2013 btw game is great >.<

sim-man responds:

lol great job.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

When is the demo of the lovemore out?

sim-man responds:

we are pushing it to April.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is easy for me I can get all other endings except the hardest one mega playboy and my fastest kiss with Tomoko or Kotomi is Day 21 yeah yeah ik its Hard but its easy for me sometimes i get pure love(ending) but its extremely hard P.S. Can i get simgirls lovemore for free? plz

sim-man responds:

Great job. The next game is going to be quite huge. It will take almost a year of work from a team of pro so we can't just offer it for free.