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Simgirls (Full Version)

rated 4.49 / 5 stars
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Simulation - Dating

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Apr 25, 2012 | 6:37 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 27, 2012

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The sequel is currently under development, you can watch the trailer and check out the latest updates of the series at:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

After following this game for 8+years,I am ready with my final review.

1) Everything happens on the first day of the game. Jump to "Mega-playboy" is too sudden, and allows no time to really establish PC as the loser he is supposed to be. Recommend spreading this section out as a tutorial section, and time for character development.

2) Ami was set up as the childhood friend pretty well with the wake-up scenes periodically throughout the game.Also Talk feature of Ami in school is a waste.She only has 4 dialogues.How is that possible that PC's best friend talks the least with him!!!
However, except for those she mostly just feels like the third girl you never click on. I think some events interspersed from day to day should help remind the PC of their friendship, such as catching lunch/going to the arcade, etc. Over time, these can also be used to show a progressive and gradual development of Ami's feelings, as they become more "Romantic".
The same can be said about the friendship of ami & Kotomi.There needs to be some scenes regarding their friendship.

3) Tomoko is your favorite, and it shows. Her events tend to be the most fleshed out and well done.But the downside of this is the game becomes one dimensional after a point with almost no replay value those player who dont ike herand I think y ushould try extra hard to give Ami,Karin & Kotomi the same and more attention.

4) I think the time-machine sub-arc was a neat way to make Ami more relevant, but we can do so much more with it make it less of a bank-buster. 5 diamond rings!? Seriously?

5) Akira teaching you about fighting is neat. But it would be cooler, though, if you discovered it through scene where Akira asks you to meet her at the Pub.
Then the PC could goad her into teaching him to keep her public image intact.
Having said that,I think the Strength Trainig & Akira's Tutorial should be LOCKED at Day 1.Or else the Fight Club scene with Akira @ Day 2 wont make sense.

6) In that line of thinking, you could also dramatically expand her role in the fighting series; for example, what if (like many popular works) she is actually the retired previous Fukoma City Champion? No one remembers, and when she first trains you it's nothing. But in a tournament "final" if you will, she is the mysterious last opponent. And she is a nightmare. Hmm? Hmm?

7) More Map locations would be interesting, and should be sub-navigable.

8) The only time I saw the girls get jealous was in one scene between Tomoko and Kotomi & in Game Show. And perhaps if you answered a phone call on a date...? In any case, as your relationships progress and get more serious there should definitely be more of these, and they should also mandate input by the PC. The girls not blaming him at all is somewhat unrealistic, and it would also present another layer of strategy to the more silver-tongued of us to navigate our way out of such a mess.

9) On the note of jealousy, it would be rather interesting, too, if while on a date elsewhere you have a slim chance of running into any of the other girls you are currently in a relationship with. And by slim, I mean so small it's just as rare as it might be in real life. Presumably the chances would be higher at date locations in-city than further afield. Imagine the awkwardness of that: "Uh, hi Tomoko! out of gas on her way to the store. So, I...ummm...bought her a train ticket to this peaceful mountain hotspring! Why so far you ask?...the savings, of course! Produce is so much...cheaper...out here........Fsck."

10) As I progressed through the game, I found the lack of outfit variety to be somewhat disenchanting. I think that if there is any way possible to do so, you should definitely include more outfits in both casual and date settings.

11) Ami gets no love, really. The tutorial system for her is fine for maybe the first, idk, 7 days? After that, though, she should be woo-able.
Perhaps you have to complete a series of events to unlock her, such as progressing to "Close-friend" level with Kotomi? Then jealousy kicks in, and voila! Love begins to burn.
On that note, when the PC forces her down after they complete the time machine and has sex with her, the whole thing feels....out of character. Something that relationship-altering deserves more than 30 seconds, and certainly not canned dialogue.

12) Kotomi had a fair number of events, but she should be used more. Tomoko's character was explored fairly well, but basically Kotomi is just the "shy gymnastics girl with gas." Sort of shallow character exploration, don't you think? Ditto for Ami and Karin.

13) In general, more side-events should occur as you get closer to being a couple. In fact, I think no matter the experience level of the relationship, you should not be able to progress beyond any single level without seeing a number of these side events (i.e. running into her at the store, and helping her carry groceries; meeting in the hall, and you both end up being late to class because you were caught up in conversation). In any case, this should also be applied to the other girls as well.
There should be more - a lot more - randomly occurring events where you run into the various girls. You should happen to meet Ami at the local clothing store; Maybe you and Kotomi end up trying to catch the same train? Perhaps Tomoko needed a part-time job, and you two share an awkward moment when you realize she's trying to be independent?

14) The little green SimMan has to be my favourite,but one thing is confusing. If he is doll,how come he is in Blackspears Network?
I think you should have mentioned somewhere that SimMan is using this doll as his Avatar or he is transformable.
Having said that,how about having some scenes involving this doll?Like he blocks the computers and asks PC to give him money for watching the cams.

15) 300$ Teddy Bear :O. That must be made of gold!!!It must be changed

16) I realised that after achieving Lover status with tomoko and kotomi,the exp. points becomes simply useless.For Ami & Karin it is almost of no use,even though the Downtown events give additional years picnic alone gives 600 exp.

Exps. should be made more relevant and usable.maybe to achieve endings,hidden scenes,there can be a definitely exp points.

17) There is a huge lack of pictures & facial expressions in stories and scenes of Karin & Kotomi.In Kotomi's ending,PC gives her a hug but there's no picture displaying it.
In Karin's ending she cries,but again there's no picture of it.
In some of the scenes,their facial expressions doesnt change according to the scenes.

18) I think the end-game scenario with the girls shouldn't be fixed. That's silly,since I am choosing my destined life partner and I dont care about any other girlfriends of mine.I just wanted to mention that playing the whole game on Kotomi's behalf, then saying "Well, off she goes!" Is a major anticlimax. I hope you move to a conditional ending system.

Questions and Bugs found

a) How can I make Ami or Kotomi win Miss Fukoma Pegaent? Tomoko always wins it.Why?

The Model Manager minigame has bugs. No matter how many fans the girls make,it always shows 29999 fans in the next gameplay.

Ami had 32000+ fans,Karin had 34000+ fans,Kotomi had 40000+ fans & Tomoko had 42000+ fans.

I wanted to make Karin or Kotomi Gravure Idol. But in my next gameplay,I found out that all 4 girls have 29999 fans.This happens eveytime I start the game.

The problem is due to this bug,I couldnt figure out the actual number of fans which the girls have.As a result,I couldnt make Karin or Kotomi the winner of the competition.

Please fix this bug and make the actual fans visible to players,so that we can decide our gravure idol.

Another bug in Models manager is that Karin's fans always becomes 0 at one attack of Sana.She takes all of her fans.

b) why does the main character's look change so radically throughout the game?
Some scenes have him blonde, some brown, sometimes he's that more brawny typical SG guy sometimes more Junta-ish.
Seems like a pretty major discrepancy to be going back and forth on.

c) Last question - Is there any possibility to upgrade model manager duel to function it like he fighting mini game?
Would be glad if it is done.

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sim-man responds:

yea unfortunately I can only give so much time to this game so there is only one main character Tomoko, the other girls are more like supporting characters in the game. As for the questions, a) It's a fair game only depends on the stats and number of fans they have. Since Tomoko has the highest possible stats if you max out everything for everyone she will win. b) The max fan number 29999 is NOT a bug at all. It says every time after the model manager game that they will only get a max of 29999 fans. c) Well I spend 10 years on and off on this game so the art quality is inconsistent and sometimes it can be the lighting of the scene. d) There are many things I can add on to this game to make it better and I am not sure if this will be on top of the list. Thanks for playing!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The swimming pool is really inefficient this works better
Choose criminal and put all points in the beginning into strength so that you start the game with 27 strength
Spend the fist two days strength training
Then on the third day go to the pub and strength train one more time for a total of five training sessions (you should be around 170) use your 50 remaining energy to challenge the bloody king to a fight (winning is easy just hit him in the head until he drops his guard and press W to do a power upper cut) this nets you 3000$ which is the best money you can make at this point.
Starting on day 4 start seeing the prostitute 3 times a day and use your remaining 10 energy to surf the internet on your computer to raise you charm and intelligence. (Ignore the drama club and time machine for now because later you can use the energy regeneration bonus from karen to do them all in one day if you'd like) Choose Tomoko in the cosplay to raise her past stranger status and be able to give her flowers.
On day 8 see the prostitute two more times (you'll be around 180) then go to the mall and buy three flowers spend your last 40 energy talking to tomoko and giving her flowers.
On day 9 see the prostitute once or twice more depending on where your points are (you need to get to 200) then go to the mall and buy 3 teddy bears and spend the rest of the day talking to tomoko (when you get to 100 exp points with her ask her a question and start giving her teddy bears)
On day 10 give tomoko the last teddy bear and she'll be over 500, ask her a question and she becomes a close friend then stop and focus on Kotomi (you need close friend status with tomoko) spend the next few days on kotomi.
On day 15 fight the bloody king one more time to make sure you have over 2000$ for day 16
On day 16 you'll get an event with tomoko follow her and pay her 2000$
After that your almost done fight the bloody king for money until you get the items and magazines, date the girls, and train up to max stats and you'll get a perfect ending.

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sim-man responds:

thanks for the guide. This has to be the hardest ending of all, even above mega-playboy ending


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The game is great and actually the model manager is like the game Pokemon!

sim-man responds:

haha really? I never play any Pokemon game before. I guess most rpg battle systems share the same elements.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice well done sim man

sim-man responds:

thanks I hope you will like the 2nd game lovemore


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like the game still havnt gotten the mega playboy ending (100,000 dollars off v.v) I like all the other endings including kiara's but the only real bad ending with it is because of ami's ending witch means even if you don't relies it your still doing it to her v.v but I liked them al though really well made and all but damn is it hard to get 300k man XD

sim-man responds:

Yes Iack of interactivity on Ami, Karin and Kotomi stories. Consider them as more supporting characters, otherwise it will take me forever to make the game.