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A classic dating sim made 15 years ago.

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The best game on newgrounds. NOTHING can be better. this is freaking flawless

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sim-man responds:

This is encouraging

Mr. Sim-man, I have been playing this game for years, in fact since I was a 13 year old girl. It's nice to see out of all the rocks, there are diamonds. Each girl has a personality and a different ending, I love them all! And the mega-playboy ending, hard but so satisfying once you get it. I laughed so hard at the main man's ending dialogue, long live the Lovemore Family!

Anyway, good luck in all your future installments and many wishes you don't get writer's block and any other creative block.

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sim-man responds:

Thank you for all your kind words and wishes.

This game took me almost a week to finish, and I can definitely say that Simgirls is one of the best dating simulators ever posted on newgrounds. So many elements are done right, including it's atmosphere, sex scenes, fight clubs, modelling agency, and interesting side-minigames despite how basic they are. But it's most rewarding feature comes from it's storyline. It's deep riching dialogues will have your eyes licking it up like yogurt out of the bowl. It tastes great, and makes you feel good inside. And to top it off: the story will have slight variations depending on the girls you date, meaning dating specific ones will trigger certain cutscenes, which adds for amazing replay value. YOu have attribute points you can build up that will make you stronger for fights, smarter in school, and more charming with the ladies. All of this sounds great!

So is game deserve a full 10 out of 10 // 5-stars rating? Unfortunately, no.

Here's a few areas that could have been designed better...

- First off, the town it takes place in. You spend more time looking at the square dimensional buildings than you do looking at the girls, and I gotta say that the town looks like shit. Everything is coloured blue for no damn reason, and the buildings are the same shapes & sizes copy/pasted. The high school itself even looks like a church, and is smaller than Tomoko's home. So it's okay to fill in the backgrounds of each cut-scenes but the town we see more of than anything else is treated like a beta??? I'm sorry, but this is just lazy and won't be excused from a perfect game. The art here could have been so much more.

- Some of the hentai cut-scenes take place in school.... in front of everyone! And instead of the teachers expelling them, they join in! *DOUBLE-FACEPALM* Displaying some of the most idiotic lustful behaviour I've ever seen. Now don't get me wrong; there are some people that do have that sexual fantasy about their teacher, but there's a specific way it has to be approached for the story to continue to make sense, and Simgirls didn't do it the right way.

- There are no consequences for two-timing, meaning you can build a harem without ever getting caught. It is way too easy to get away with sleeping around, even if it does have an impact on the endings, but I feel that it takes away from a more realistic dating experience.

- After you get the girl(s) that you want, there's really nothing else you need to do, so you wind up spending most of your says in bed during the last half of the game, just passing time until key events happen. I think I spent at least 20 days doing nothing but sleeping in this game with no other active because I had my model fans maxed, all my stats maxed, and over $350,000 stocked up. There were no surprises left in terms of gameplay, and it was quite disappointing.

- The Mystic Shop house is so overpowered because you can save your game, then reload the save if something goes wrong during the date or minigame you played until you get the result the satisfies you. Players have and will abuse this, so I'm afraid it can't be overlooked.

These were my issues with the game. Some of you may have different opinions, and that's fine. But these were my experiences, and I will say that this game is worth a go. The final verdict for Simgirls is an 8 out of 10! It gets 4-Stars from me because it's that awesome! sim-man is preparing for the next installment of the Simgirls series, and if it's anything like this game then I can't wait to see what surprises he has in store.

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sim-man responds:

Thank you for the in-depth review. I will keep them in mind.

I just can't stop playing this one. The best Sim Date game I've ever seen. I hope it stays awesome like it is!

sim-man responds:

Awesome bro. Stay cool.

Really good game. 5 star good.

sim-man responds:


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Apr 25, 2012
6:37 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating
  • Daily Feature April 27, 2012